Springtime in the mountains
Photo Credit: Susan Weems Muehl Photography

Some Days My Home Feels Made Of Straw

Some days our homes feel weak and ready to blow down. Here’s a great tool to use to fortify your own personal home.

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A Better Home

Photo Credit: Susan Weems Muehl Photography

I flew home last night from Charlotte, NC. There have been less than a hand full of times I’ve ever needed to be home so badly. You see I’ve been gone all but about four days since early February. Not only did I miss two snowfalls we had in Chicago during that time but also, [...]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Water lily blooming

Sometimes the answers we seek come in the form of repeated signs. Read contributing guest author Lindsay Torry’s story of how this happened to her.

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Truly Alive In My HOME

Male cardinal

Knowing who you are and openly sharing it with the world makes you feel truly alive in your HOME, as I have learned for myself.

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Willingness…To Do What?

Winter calm

I got an email from my dear friend, Lori Saylor Milan the other day. We’ve known each other for many years and although she lives in Portland, Oregon and I’m in Chicagoland we have a bond that’s tight. You see we met at a very traumatic time in both of our lives through a Bible [...]

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Lighting ~ An Important Element In Home Decor


The lighting you choose for your home and more importantly, how you light your home affects the mood of your space immeasurably.

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Simple Ways To “Ground” Yourself In Your Home

Full moon over water

Our homes should give us the foundation to thrive in the outside world. Nature plays a pivotal role in giving us the foundation by “grounding” us.

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How Will You Be Remembered?


Life lessons often come in the most unexpected places. I “met” someone the other day that reminded me of what was really important in life.

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Fifteen Ways To Practice Sustainable Living In Your Home


How we treat our environment is vital to the Earth. Choosing to implement some simple changes in your home can help in immeasurable ways to protect our natural resources.

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Ten Things To Remember About Your Home

Eaglets nesting

Living in perfect harmony with yourself and others begins in the home. Here are ten things to remember about your home and how you live in it in order to truly live your best.

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