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Our homes are often a mixture of thoughtful planning and pure happenstance.   Rarely do any of us pay strict attention to complete detail to everything in our space.

Room for improvement in your homespace

It is time to ask:
  • Is there anything negative in my house I would like to change?
  • Is there something I do over and over again like a bad habit that really bugs me and it shows in my homespace?
  • Is there room for improvement in a particular area of my homespace?
My guess is you can answer yes to at least one of these questions.

Examples of bad habits in your homespace

Over the years in my career as a decorator I have been privy to many different bad habits.   Ask yourself what yours are.   Here are some that might apply to you:
  • You procrastinate about taking down holiday decorations even when another holiday is right around the corner.
  • Dirty laundry stays piled on the floor.
  • Dust bunnies are allowed to grow into dust monsters.
  • You never remove the sofa cushions from your sofa for a good vacuuming.
  • You never make your bed or teach your children to do the same.

We often pay more attention to the appearance we present to the outside world than the appearance of our homes

I am often amazed at the sense of style people feel it necessary to present to the external world while neglecting the truly important world right inside their homes.   This is in the form of how they wear [
] their hair , how they dress and what type of car they drive.   Very few of us would go to work, shopping or to the gym without making sure we are presenting ourselves the way we want others to see us.   All the while homes get neglected. So, do you want to change?

21 days to kick a habit

Did you know that scientists believe it takes approximately 21 days to change a habit?  This is because we naturally resist change.   It is important to understand that:
  • Change will need intention.
  • Change will need focus.
  • change will need discipline.
Begin now to take a personal inventory of the habits in your homespace that you wish to change.   Give yourself a plan of how and when you will begin the change.   Just remember:
  • Change will need time.
  • Time needs time.
But you are worth it.   Each time you conquer a bad habit it empowers you to conquer another.   Slowly but surely your homespace shows positive change one day at a time. You can do it! Your homespace deserves it! One thought… A home that is honored is full of joy. Conquer those bad habits one day at a time… [caption id="attachment_131" align="alignnone" width="288" caption="Photo credit: Susan Muehl"][/caption]

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