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Helpful Hannah Tip #2 Bring fresh flowers into your homespace.

Just recently I got a Facebook message from one of my nieces’, Jackie O’Connell. She wrote, “I bought fresh flowers at the market today.   My inner Aunt Jamie came out. ” I wrote her back and said, “That’s not just music to my ears but h1>, a full symphony!” You see I love nothing more than to know that my love of creating beauty in the home has filtered through to my family. Jackie and Sarah Shrader (her sister, my niece) had been shopping in an open-air market near Richmond, VA for a dinner that Jackie and her husband, Scott were hosting that night.   They came upon some beautiful bouquets of fresh wildflowers and stood there debating whether or not to buy them. H1> suddenly, jackie and sarah looked at each other and said, “aunt jamie would!” they were right.   For ten dollars, heck yeah.   In my view, the flowers would set the tone for the evening. They did. Jackie later told me that everyone that came into the house noticed them.   Smiles erupted each time they took the flowers in.   Even Ryan Sink (Jackie and Sarah’s brother-in-law, Christy’s husband, another nephew-in-law of mine!!!) exclaimed about their beauty when he saw them.   What compliments for ten bucks!! So- here’s my Helpful Hannah tip:

Bring fresh flowers into your homespace.

Like Jackie, take the opportunity to bring the beauty of flowers into your home.   It will bring freshness and joy into your homespace, guaranteed. [caption id="attachment_548" align="alignnone" width="288" caption="Photo credit: Sammi Blake"][/caption] There are so many choices in the summer months.    Here are some ideas:
  • You can include your children on walks of nature hunting for flowering honey suckle.   My kids used to love to put sprigs of honey suckle in glasses of water on their dressers to smell the fragrance and let it fill the air.
  • You can find fresh lilac growing and bring stems into your homespace to perfume the air.
  • Cut stems of flowering outdoor plants such as lavender  to add to fresh flower arrangements.
  • Pick up inexpensive wildflowers from farmer’s markets in your area and put them in unusual containers such as crockery.
  • Pick wildflowers on nature walks to bring inside (make sure you are in a place where this is permissible).
  • Pick flower stems from the ones growing in your yard.   Cutting the flowers on a regular basis will make them produce even more flowers.
I am so happy that my nieces enjoy their homes.   More importantly,  I am happy that they are teaching their children to as well.   Another niece-in-law, Crystal  (aka “The Domestic Diva” on my Fan Page of Facebook) let her daughter, Ryleigh choose some flowers for the kitchen table just the other day.   Ryleigh chose some orchids that were on sale at Lowe’s for three [h1>] dollars.   Ryleigh is learning both the importance of being frugal as well as learning how to bring beauty into her home. My daughter-in-law, Kathleen Aliff is the consummate hostess.   Every dinner party or gathering of friends includes southern charm with her use of beautiful sterling silver to display her delectable food choices.   And, what does she always remember?   h1> Fresh flowers of course!  She has even been known to call me excited with the unusual ones she has found for her home.   Nothing thrills me more! [caption id="attachment_551" align="alignnone" width="288" caption="Kathleen entertaining with sunflowers. Photo credit: Kathleen Aliff"][/caption] So, go out and explore the abundant choices of flowers that summer has to offer.   Bring them inside.   It will make you and your homespace come alive! One thought… Flowers bloom and can make us bloom, too. Go blossom! [caption id="attachment_552" align="alignnone" width="288" caption="Photo credit: David Solganik"][/caption]

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