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We wish for you a home- not a place of wood and brick or stone- but an island of sanity and calm in a busy and hectic world.   We trust that your home will always stand as a symbol of people living together in love and peace.   We trust that it will encompass the beauty of nature- that it will include the elements of simplicity, silence and color. Rev. Bob McAden May 14, 2011
I recently heard these words during the wedding ceremony of my niece, Britney and her new husband, Tim in Roanoke, VA. I come from a very large family and so weddings are plentiful. (Truth be told, babies are plentiful as well!!!) But, who would have guessed that the words of Rev. McAden (who by the way is my niece’s paternal grandfather) would come at just the right time for the opening post of my blog. Timing is everything right?

Synchronicity at it’s finest.

Rev. McAden’s words came at a time when I was pondering just how to find a clever, catchy way to write my first blog post.   You see I have many posts already written and waiting.   But, the first introductory post was baffling me and just not coming together.   Honestly, I had been stuck for weeks and weeks trying to figure out how to begin my blog. What a wonderful message.   Who would have ever guessed that a wedding ceremony and a family life cycle event would provide for me the words I was looking for to describe the importance of creating a home and sanctuary.   Thank you Rev. McAden.   Thank you Britney and Tim. > thank you mary > ann, jim and ballyhack golf resort for providing the wondrous beauty as a backdrop for such an occasion.   Thank you Roanoke Valley for the majestic mountains you gave us on that beautiful May evening. Rev. McAden’s message is clear. He knows the importance of home. Not what it is built of but what we make it. [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Photo credit: Susan Muehl"][/caption]

Everything begins in the home.

It is true and that is what this site, “Living In Perfect Harmony” is all about. Throughout the years in my business as an interior decorator, I have had the honor of meeting many different types of people with varying styles of décor.   I have loved being invited into their homes to offer my version of a better “homescape”.   Home after home, client after client I have not tired of perfecting the beauty in these spaces that I feel is just waiting to blossom. Along the way I began to realize some homes drew me in while others didn’t have that same warmth.   I think this is the case for most of us.   In ways we might not even be aware of, the homes we enter give us certain feelings.   When I like the feel of a home I get “warm fuzzies”.   And >, either a home exudes them OR it doesn’t.   OK, some are in between and just need a bit of tweaking to truly flower! The point is that there is a method to achieving a homescape that feels good.   “Living In Perfect Harmony” will teach you how to do it!  Through tips, ideas and plans [>] you will find on this site, you can create a home of warmth that will offer you the sanctuary that fits you.   By doing so, you will become a better steward to others. In essence, your home is an extension of yourself.   It is the first outward expression of you.  It influences how you relate to yourself, your family and the environment around you.   Make sure it fits whom you are and that you treat this space with respect.  It is that important.   Period.

It is vital to your essence to understand the sacredness of your homespace.

Britney and Tim, fellow readers of this blog and all those people I come to spread my message to – listen up.   If your homespace does not match the essence of your heart and soul, if it does not honor you and all that dwell within it- it is an injustice to your true self and how you present yourself to the outside world. Britney and Tim, begin this new chapter in your life with this awareness.   Do not just create your homespace by happenstance.   Make your home together become a true reflection of who and what you are.   May it provide for you what we all deserve- a home that beckons to us whenever we are gone, a home that wraps us tightly in comfort whenever we enter, a home that mirrors our hearts and souls.

New beginnings…

June is the traditional month of weddings.   That makes June the month of new beginnings.   What a wonderful time for all of us to look at our homes in a fresh new way.   Join me as I lead you on a journey that will help you transform your home into the personal space that mirrors your heart and soul. One thought… “When you decorate your home, you decorate your life”. Start decorating… [caption id="attachment_108" align="alignnone" width="199" caption="Photo credit: Kevin Hurley Photography"][/caption]

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