Homemade Pancakes – What Could Be Better?

I don’t know about most of you but I associate certain foods with certain seasons.  This is not just for the obvious reason that fruits and vegetables have specific growing seasons.  Rather, food for me has memories and feelings associated with it specific to different times of the year.

For example, summer for me includes daily trips to the local Farmers’ Market for the makings of a summertime feast.  (Unless it comes from my own garden!) Give me a meal of mouth-watering slices of watermelon, silver queen corn, tomatoes fresh off the vine topped off with freshly made iced tea and cobbler and I’m a happy camper.  (You can find my recipe for cobbler on my post, Quick Summer Fruit Cobbler.) And, what summer doesn’t include outdoor barbeques?  Nothing beats the aroma wafting through the air of something on the backyard grill.  It signals summer for me just as much as the smell of freshly cut grass does.

For many of us, the autumn chill signals football and tailgating as Chef Ryan writes in his post, Tailgating- A Great American Tradition.  For me, the changing season signals pancakes.

The smell of pancakes cooking on a cool autumn morning does much the same thing for me as smelling a backyard grill in the heat of the summer.  For me, pancakes are a way to feel warm and cozy as the weather changes.

The tradition in my home is to have pancakes every Sunday morning.  It is something both David and I look forward to as it is really the only breakfast of the week that we actually sit down and enjoy together – the rest are eaten on the run or are eaten quickly to merely fortify our bodies and start the day.  Sunday morning pancakes are a total feel good experience for us!

Years ago I thumbed my nose at pancake mix in any pre-made form.  Seriously, what could be better than homemade pancakes?  I can whip up a batch in less than ten minutes using all organic ingredients that are better than any out of a box, can or bag. Last Sunday morning when David and I sat down to eat he looked at me and said, “Pancakes together on Sunday morning is my favorite time of the weekend”.   My David loves food but, this Sunday morning ritual is what he looks forward to as much as the yummy meal!

How to prepare pancake batter

Getting started

I do have one secret step in making my pancakes that I want to share.  It is a step that in my view absolutely, positively makes the lightest and fluffiest pancakes ever.  I witnessed this step years ago while I was in junior high school.  I had a friend whose mom was Swedish and so every Saturday morning she made Swedish Pancakes.  I was always thrilled to be invited to Laurie’s house, as I loved these pancakes.  I noticed one day that Laurie’s mom let the batter sit on the counter for a long time untouched.  Nosy me, I observed this and watched the batter actually rise up with tiny bubbles forming on the surface.  (I later realized this is what crepe recipes call for you to do.)  Once I began to make pancakes myself, albeit the traditional kind, I did this as well.  I soon learned that perfect pancakes are the result of letting the batter sit untouched for about 45 minutes.  So, every Sunday morning after I have started brewing a pot of coffee I make the pancake batter and let it sit.  David and I enjoy our mugs of coffee, play scrabble on our IPad and wait for breakfast.  This Sunday morning ritual of relaxing while the pancake batter rises gives us both warm fuzzies!

Here’s my recipe:

1 ½ c. flour                    1 egg, beaten

2 T. sugar                       1 ½ c. milk

3 t. baking powder      3 T. butter, melted

1 t. salt

Cooking homemade pancakes in an iron skillet

Cooking in the iron skillet

Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.  Combine in a separate bowl egg and milk; blend well.  Add egg mixture and melted butter to the dry ingredients until the batter is stirred.  Be sure to leave it lumpy.  Let sit for 45 min. to an hour.  Cook preferably on a griddle or cast iron skillet.

Get creative:

Add any fresh berries or fruits you want.  You can also add nuts such as pecans or spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.


Best homemade pancakes

Mmm,Mmm good

Everything begins in the home.  How you live in your home, the way you interact with others in your home, the traditions and rituals in your home and the foods you eat in your home all evoke feelings in you.  Each part of the goings on in your space is vital to your essence.  Be cognizant of the importance of this!

Food does more than nourish our bodies. It nourishes our hearts and souls as well.

To living and loving life…

I know Chef Ryan is the resident foodie on this blog but every once in a while I feel compelled to share with you one of my own favorite food recipes that for me adds to making a wonderful recipe for life!  Look for Chef Ryan again soon!

12 thoughts on “Homemade Pancakes – What Could Be Better?

  1. Jamie, I have let my pancake mix sit on the counter since I can remember. It makes a hugh difference. We will be having pancakes this Sunday! The boys are coming home!

    • Laura, why am I NOT surprised to hear that you let you pancake batter rise and have done so forever? You happen to be the best cook in the family, at least in our generation! Regardless of the circumstances of why we all get together as a clan (and lately we Balzers’ have been referred to over and over again as a “tribe”) the occasion becomes a “10 for perfection” when you do the cooking. You and Becky (another fabulous cook) got us through the daunting task twice in the last year of taking care of putting our Mom in Richfield and emptying our her home by greeting us each evening with wonderful aromas of incredible meals for us. I cannot thank you enough. More recently, you did the same for another grueling week. Warm fuzzies are important for us to feel each and every day. Your ability to create moments through your food is a sure fire way to feel good. The next generation is full of incredible cooks as well- Justin (the pro) and Jimmy to name a couple. My David and I had our pancakes yesterday before we tackled the leaves in the yard. It was wonderful and set the tone for the day to come. Enjoy the boys next weekend. There is no place like HOME. Your kids know that well!

  2. I don’t do pancakes, but I make sausage gravy biscuits every Saturday morning. My children and grandchildren always know what we are having. If it is just Jim and I on a Saturday, I send the leftovers to Declan (my grandson). He loves when it is just Jim and I : ))). I wasn’t able to mae them this them this Saturday and it didn’t feel right. I even take the ingredients with me when I travel. I will try your recipe for pancakes and start making them for Sundays

    • M.A., anyone that knows you also knows your tradition of sausage gravy and biscuits on Saturdays. It is something all of us that get to enjoy your lake home in the summer look forward to. Yes, your gravy (made with whole wheat flour) is the best by far- I know “The Roanoker Resturant” claims to have the best in the valley, sorry that it’s not true. You have the best! But, more importantly it is the anticipation of the tradition and the anticipation of watching you cook it up that means the most to all that get to experience your breakfast. My Blog, my message and my belief is that everything begins in the HOME. The rituals and traditions around food in our homes are as much an integral part of who we are and how our psyche develops as any other aspect of what goes on in the home. It is that simple. My David and I started yesterday with pancakes and ended it in front of a beautiful outdoor fire in the evening. He said, “I wish we had one more Sunday before Monday”. Yep, the pancakes are important- but, it is the knowing what Sunday feels like that matters! Oh, and next Saturday? What will I plan to make? Sausage gravy and biscuits! I will try your tradition!

  3. Morning….This probably sounds a little nuts but when I have an overcast day, even in the summer, I get this overwhelming urge to make a pot of soup. In winter we get lots of soup.
    Joy Stark

    • Joy, if this sounds nuts I guess we both are nuts because I understand exactly what you mean. Your urge for soup speaks exactly to what I believe happens for us- we are affected by food, we have feelings about food and we can create wonderful moments from food. In other words, food and the rituals and traditions around it is part of what makes our experience in life unique for each and every one of us. By the way, I have a fab beef stock I froze the other day just waiting to become the base for a yummy pot of soup. Thanks as always for your heartfelt sharing!

  4. Carl, a major lover of pancakes, and I read this article together. We enjoyed reading it and recalling the many family pancake breakfasts. Nice warm subject!

    • Well, I have to say that I am smiling from head to toe that Carl took the time to read one of my posts. Thank you Carl! As for the pancakes, not only is the recipe in this post the best I have ever used but, I wanted to express to my readers the importance of food traditions in the home. Good memories of meals around the table are what we carry with us through life. Food and the traditions and rituals that surround it are an integral part of creating the best you can in your homespace. Everything begins in the home- this includes our relationship with food. Keep reading… (You, too Carl!)

  5. My husband teases me about my specific food preferences/traditions I can’t fathom a pot of soup or chili when it’s warm outside. Although he teases me, he consistently makes “dippy eggs” on weekend mornings. And…as we head to Carter mountain to pick apples, he says, “can we make an apple pie tonight?”

    • Jackie, I am intrigued with what “dippy eggs” are and thrilled to know Scott makes them. I believe that children need to experience BOTH parents in the kitchen! As for the apple picking, I did hear that ya’ll went. I cannot wait to see the pictures. As I told your dad, simple pleasures are the best. What fun you must have all had together! So…what about the apple pie? Yes you had it or not you didn’t?!?

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  7. Dippy eggs are what Gavin calls fried eggs over easy??? With runny yolk. He likes to dip his toast.

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