Fabulous Outdoor Décor For Fall

I am astounded each year at how much money is spent on Halloween decorations for the outside. Surveys show that Halloween is by far and away the second largest holiday we decorate for. I know I am an old-timer but growing up, the most anyone did was put out a pumpkin that became a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

Now, it seems that all front doors have at the very least a pumpkin per child in the family.  Don’t get me wrong; I am not opposed to this.  But, what for years and years was a one-night festivity has turned into a full-blown holiday season.  Manufacturers and retailers now provide us with every imaginable way to decorate for Halloween.  Lights, moving figures, spooky music – you name it, you can find it in a store to buy for decorating.

I love Halloween.  I will never forget the Halloween when I looked like I was carrying my own pumpkin because I was a couple of weeks overdue with my first child, Benjamin.  Or the time I was in charge of his sixth grade Halloween party.  I can still see him cringing in embarrassment as I turned the jam box volume up on “The Monster Mash”.  I think I was a tad too enthusiastic for him.  Those were the days…

And I am the first to admit that I do enjoy the varying degrees to which people decorate for the candy holiday.  Just the other weekend while driving to Wisconsin to go apple picking, my David and I laughed hysterically at the massive black spiders we saw on the roller coaster at Six Flags.  I mean they were HUGE even from the interstate!  Traditionally every Christmas season my family and I have driven around at night to see all the different holiday lights and decorations.  Now I find myself doing it during “The Halloween Season”.  See?  I even refer to it as a season without realizing it.

Go natural the day after Halloween

Obviously, the colors of Halloween are also symbolic of autumn.  Why not convert your outdoor décor to simple fall décor the day after Halloween?  Get rid of the spooky.  Get rid of the creepy.  Get rid of anything that has to do specifically with Halloween and think fall.  Let the front entrance of your home honor the season as we approach Thanksgiving.  Let the colors of fall emblazon your home and send a welcoming message to those that enter or merely drive by.

Seasonal Mums

Seasonal Mums

Nothing beats what nature provides for us.  Go natural with your outdoor fall décor.  Fill your planters and urns with seasonal plants such as mums, ornamental cabbages and pansies.  Keep the pumpkins, too- at least the ones you didn’t carve.  Ignore the fact that you are giving the squirrels a feast to nibble on everyday.  Do what I do and enjoy their show!  Add gourds, Indian corn and cornstalks.  Think Pilgrims!

One of my decorating mottos is less is more.  A simple natural fall wreath on your front door speaks volumes.  But, add whatever makes you happy.  Just make it unique and inviting.  Remember, the outside of your home is the first impression you give of how you live in your space.  Make sure it reflects whom you are.  As with all things you do in your homespace, honor yourself in this way.

A simple fall decor

A simple fall decor

As I said, I love Halloween.  I remember many years as a kid walking in the dark with my sister, Mary Ann carrying our pillowcases door-to-door for treats.  We walked until we couldn’t hold the heavy pillowcases much longer.  When my kids were young, Halloween signaled “Bat Stew” for dinner and then the night that the dads in the neighborhood took over.  Kids in tow, they walked the neighborhood while we mothers handed out candy and enjoyed the moments of alone time.  And, since 1987, I celebrate every Halloween lovingly remembering my own dad as we buried him Halloween afternoon and then took all the grandkids trick-or-treating that night on October 31, 1987.  My dad loved candy more than anyone I ever knew.  How fitting that he was buried on the candy holiday!

Happy Halloween to all of you and may tonight’s fun fill you with laughter and love.  And, cheers to you Daddy.  I think I’ll eat some Mary Jane’s for you!

Fall on the farm

Fall on the farm

To celebrating fall…

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Outdoor Décor For Fall

  1. I loved it!! I need to go buy some pumpkins and pansies! I can tell this is going to become a habit… I opened windows and took Berkley for a morning walk after last weeks “let the fresh air in” and now “pumpkins and pansies.” hahaha But seriously…THANK YOU!

    • Laura, you need not go out and purchase any fall decor. Your home is surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature. From the moment you begin the drive up your long and crooked driveway, the calm and peacefulness of nature begins to settle in your bones. I know this since I was at your home a couple of weeks ago. You, Tommy and the kids live in absolute splendor! Now for the windows- soooo glad you opened them for the fresh air and little man Berkley must have loved the walk with you. Keep it going. I bet tomorrow morning when you rise and pour that first cup of coffee you might just decide to enjoy it on the steps of your front porch. Breathe it all in…

  2. Because I love fall, I love decorating for fall, so I enjoyed this posting! But my comment today actually has to be about the Bat Stew. I’d never heard of Bat Stew until I met you in the ‘hood many years ago. And so there were at least two families in our neighborhood serving up Bat Stew Halloween night ~ and I’m betting there were many more!! Thanks for the memory!!! I think I’ll make Bat Stew tonight!

    • Sue, I cannot believe that you remember my “Bat Stew”! I was telling David’s sister about this tradition this morning ( she came to visit with two wonderful friends of hers from Ohio) . My kids loved “Bat Stew” and for years never asked what was really in it. Of course, it was beef cubes and not really bat meat! But, no Halloween was complete without it. I am fixing a pot tonight for my David and myself to enjoy. Aren’t traditions wonderful? Happy Halloween dear friend…

  3. Your blog got me outside, enjoying the fall colors; and the added bonus of bonfire smoke still lingering in the air. I moved brick around the yard. I can’t tell you how many times these brick have been moved; but it reinforced my attitude lately – all we have is all we need. I don’t need to go out and gather/buy more ‘stuff’. I just need to find the right setting for everything I already have, or find a new placement to get my creative juices flowing. Then I came indoors and had apple pie (with apples from our trees), ice cream, and the best cup of coffee for breakfast! As my good friend, Amy, says “it is no different that an apple turnover”.

    • Robin, what music to my ears to know that my words helped inspire you to go outdoors and into nature. And the smell of a bonfire wafting through the air- it doesn’t get any better than that does it? Your comment includes some hefty philosophy that I believe is so true. We really do have all we need. We just tend to overlook this, ignore it and not honor this truth. We just keep getting sidetracked somehow and “buy” into the need for more and more. What a smile you brought to my face with your breakfast. My David’s sister was in town for the weekend along with two of her friends. (Jennie and Shelly, you are truly an inspiration!) I served homemade chocolate chip cookies for breakfast this morning. Seriously, we had cookies and coffee- nothing else! It was heavenly. My motto is, “start every day with chocolate”. I DO practice what I preach! Thank you for reading and more importantly, taking the time to comment. It means the world to me.

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