Add This Tradition To Your Thanksgiving Day

Our American Holiday, Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  Most of us have already planned where we will be, whom we will be with and what we will eat.  Whether you are traveling over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, staying home with just your core family unit or taking part in festivities in some other fashion – memorialize the day with a photograph.

What a difference a year makes

One of the things I seem to say all the time is, “What a difference a year makes”.  This is so true.  And, this year is no exception as there have been many changes in my family since this time last year.  My precious granddaughter is of course the big change, but there have been a ton more.  Some are good.  Some not so good.  Regardless, they are changes.

For all of us a year truly does make a difference- kids grow, family dynamics change and friends change as well.  In my family growing up, the Thanksgiving table reflected these changes.  Friends with nowhere else to go were always invited to our family festivities.  Outlaws, in-laws, you name it – the table size always changed.  To this day it is still the same.  Everyone is welcome at our table.

The Tradition of a Kodak Thanksgiving moment

In my little corner of the world My David will be snapping his camera furiously in order to capture each moment.  Sammi and Kathleen will as well.  (I will just enjoy looking at all the pictures later as I am a really lousy photographer!)  But, my suggestion to you is more than to just snap pictures all day.  Make the festivities of the holiday a real Kodak moment.  Forget the warm fuzzies you get from the holiday Hallmark commercials.  Create a history of warm fuzzy moments yourself by making sure you capture this holiday feast (and each year after) by photographing it, framing it and then displaying each framed piece together as a focal point for the holiday each year to come.  What fun to have a display of these photographs showcasing an array of yearly Thanksgiving pictures from past feasts.  Talk about an instant conversation maker!

I don’t know about any of you but I get attached to things very easily.  I form attachments to everything from smells to songs. In other words, I have attachments to everything from “soup to nuts” as the saying goes.  I think that’s why I have so many Déjà vu moments.  I have a feeling attached to everything. For me, Thanksgiving and all it entails is no different. And for me the photographs of Thanksgiving add to the feeling of the holiday.

Memorialize the feeling of Thanksgiving

So, this Thanksgiving get out the camera and memorialize the holiday.   Frame the picture and put it away until next year to display for the holiday.  A yearly tradition of displaying past years’ Thanksgiving photographs creates history and an opportunity for not just reminiscing, but reflection as well.  Group them all together and I guarantee you that people will gather around throughout the day to take in this wonderful display of celebration.  Everyone will experience the feeling of Thanksgiving.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with whomever you are blessed to be with.  And, don’t forget those less fortunate this holiday season as well as those in Assisted Living Facilities, hospitals or situations that restrict them from getting out to be with others.

Give thanks.  Be blissful.  Live every moment this holiday brings to you.

For any of you that would like to share your Kodak moments of this Thanksgiving holiday, please send them to me and I will post them on my “Living in Perfect Harmony” Fanpage.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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10 thoughts on “Add This Tradition To Your Thanksgiving Day

  1. Coming from an Outlaw… I got a little emotional, in a good way, with this one. You seem to remind me of the little things that I forget to do. Thank you! Love you!

    • My dear Outlaw sister, I am so thrilled that this post got you thinking. Thanksgiving is the one main holiday that all Americans celebrate. Breaking bread together and giving thanks for all we are blessed with is a wonderful thing to do. Each year brings with it new changes for each person, each family celebrating the holiday. That’s why I think memorializing it is so important. What fun to bring out the framed photos or an album of Thanksgiving feasts from year to year for all to share and remember times past. Enjoy the holiday and each wonderful moment it includes. Love you and all your gang!

  2. This one will be different and difficult….the photographier (sp) will not be here…..I guess I must step up and get some memories, but I know he will be there and in my heart. I can check off another 1st. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…..I have so much to be thankful for. love you….Susie

    • Susie, I know well your mixed emotions of the coming holiday with it being the first Thanksgiving since Al passed away. He was a wonderful photographer – he never missed a moment, a flower, a sports event shot of Ivy or Todd, or any other photo opportunity. Many times I was privy to his sharing of his latest photography experience. He loved the camera and what it could capture as much as he loved his family and his life. Look fondly on the memories you hold of all the many Thanksgivings you shared with him and then, too embrace your new path ahead of you with him looking down from the heavens smiling at your happiness!

  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I truly love reflecting over the year and thinking about how blessed I am with such a wonderful family and friends. It a gathering of a meal together with loved ones. Jamie and I were remembering the past Thanksgivings adding tables if someone else came, different homes we eaten in, kids all over the place, football games on, parade on for kids, and fires burning in the fireplace. I wish we had taken more pictures to share with new friends and family members. Thanks for the post

    • M.A., Thanksgiving is the one holiday all of us living in America share. Many of us don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanakkuh and so this is the time we gather yearly with friends and family to celebrate all we are thankful for. Yes, just this week while I was in Roanoke we talked at length about all our memories of past Thanksgivings. Each year for the Balzer clan truly does have big changes in so many, many ways. Just this past year alone we welcomed six new grandbabies. And, you are spot on about the fun commotion our homes were filled with over the years with so many people gathered together. It made for perfect times didn’t it? Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of love, laughter and togetherness. May this be another year filled with all three captured in a photograph to memorialize it!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Jamie. After my divorce I started a new tradition at our table. Each guest lights a candle before we begin our meal to remember someone that is special to them and not present, or something they are thankful for. It is a nice way to have absent loved ones at the table in spirit.
    The candles make a nice table decoration along with all of the leaves! As your post reminds me, traditions can be started at any time. My daughter Lisa is the picture taker. This might be a good tradition for her to start at her table. Love you.

    • Lori, I can still remember how and where we met. I was a few months into a devastating divorce and you were just beginning one. Somehow we bonded through that and look at us now dear friend. You got the nerve to go in search of wide open spaces and moved to Oregon. I now live in the Chicago area and have found my bliss as well. We two have so much to be thankful for and are perfect examples of taking adversity and creating opportunity from it. I love this tradition you have with lighting candles at the table. I plan to do it at my dinner table tonight and will fondly think of you in the moment. May your day be filled with all wonderful things. Love to you as well!

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