First let me say that I really don’t enjoy the commercial side of Christmas.  I never have and I never will.  For me, the holiday is more about the smells and feelings the season evokes than what I want for myself and what I want to give others.  Spending time with family and friends and opening cards that come in the mail from people I may not hear from but once a year make for a perfect holiday season.  Oh, snow helps!

Growing up in a household of six kids, the gift rule was to ask Santa for three gifts each.  I have no idea why three was the chosen number.  Rarely though did I actually get the things on my list.  I can remember asking for an Easy Bake Oven that Santa didn’t bring.  I’m 55 years young with way too much gray hair (OK, so I color it) but, by golly I am dying to make brownies in an Easy Bake Oven.  You can bet Ansley, aka “God’s Littlest Angel” (my granddaughter) will get one from me in a few years – whether she wants to or not, we are going to bake brownies together!  Do they make organic mixes for the Easy Bake Oven?   In the early 1960’s when most girls were getting as their first Barbie, the puffy-haired blonde, I got the redhead.  Go figure.  Or the year white Go-Go boots were the rage- I got boots yes, but they weren’t the ones that were the ones to have.  I can still remember going back to school after the holiday and of course, Jenny Terry sat at her desk, legs crossed, wearing her brand new to die for white Go-Go boots.  She also got to have long hair.  It flipped ever so perfectly on the ends just at her shoulders, too. I, on the other hand had a pixie cut.  Or the year signet rings were the gift to get for Christmas.  Yep, sterling silver signet rings.  I got a gold one instead – in an unusual style and unusual font.  Jenny Terry got the real thing…

Now don’t get me wrong- I haven’t had to spend years in therapy getting over Christmases past. What I think actually happened was I learned to be unique and not follow the trends.  And, I will say my mother made the most wonderful clothes for our Barbies’ that no store bought Barbie outfit could compete with.   By the way, I still have my Barbie, the case and most of the clothes my mother made.  What love and care she took making those clothes.  Not to mention the time!

Looking back on all those years I am thankful that I didn’t get what every other girl my age was getting.  In other words, I like to think the gifts I got were not ordinary but extraordinary.  Not part of commercialism but, standing for creativity instead.

As a young mother I kept to the rule of three gifts for each of my kids.   I also tried to give extraordinary and not ordinary.  But, I guess you would have to ask my kids what they thought of their gifts.  Now that’s a story for another day, right?  Or maybe a therapy session?

With all that said, the holiday season does in fact promote materialistic gift giving.  Therefore, in the spirit of giving I have three things that IF I could buy them for you I would.  And, IF you asked me suggestions of what to give to someone else, these three things would be my suggestions.  Here they are:

A Nebulizer ~ Absolutely, positively the smell of your home is the most important thing to be aware of.  Using a nebulizer with 100% organic essential oils will send wonderful aromas through your space and at the same time, the oils will actually alter and affect the energy of your space.  Read my recent post, “Aromatherapy In Your Home” to learn more.

Wyndmere nebulizer

My nebulizer

Cast Iron Cookware ~ What better way to cook?  What better way to be environmentally friendly at the same time?  Start with an iron skillet and add other cast iron cookware at other gift giving/receiving times of the year.  Read my recent post, “A Cast Iron Skillet – The Only Must Have For Your Kitchen” to learn more about cooking with cast iron.

A well-seasoned iron skillet

A well-seasoned iron skillet

A Living Plant ~  Nothing like literally going green!  Your homespace (and airspace) will thank you for bringing nature inside.  A plant, a terrarium or even a teacup fairy garden will create a healthy environment for you and add immeasurably to your décor.  Read Becky Balzer’s recent post, “Top Twelve Best Indoor Plants For Purifying The Air” and Jennie Stockslager’s post, “The Magic Of Fairy Gardening” as guides to what to buy.

Becky Balzer’s Terrarium creation

Becky Balzer’s Terrarium creation

So, there you have it.  My materialistic holiday gift wish list for you.  If you are still out there shopping, throw in one or heck, all three of these items for yourself or someone on your list.  And, while you are out there in the hustle-bustle of the holiday season, hum the tune from the old Coke commercial, circa 1971 called, “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)” and think about living in perfect harmony.  It was actually this song that somehow came to my mind while walking in nature one day and  inspired me to create “Living in Perfect Harmony”.  Back in December of 2006 a chance encounter on an airplane woke me up to the realization that life is all about spreading kindness and caring while at the same time accepting the past.  From that chance encounter I decided that for the rest of my life I wanted to strive to live in perfect harmony with not just myself but all of humanity as well.  And guess what, everything begins in the home.  How we live in our homes, what we surround ourselves with in our homes, how we treat others and ourselves in our homes – all this sets the stage for what we do in the outside world.   So if I  can, I will teach the world, one person at a time to live in perfect harmony.  And as the words from another song , ”Let There Be Peace On Earth” play in my head right now, I do wish for peace on Earth.  Let it begin with me.

To living in perfect harmony…

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    • Oh Laura, I am so glad you liked this post. You can probably identify with some of my memories of Oak Grove Elementary! Enjoy the day and thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing on Facebook! Love you as well!

  1. I used my cast iron this weekend to cook sausage gravy for the family Saturday. It started the weekend off well for the family wood splitting weekend. We now have enough wood for the winter to have a fire every night. : )

    • M.A., thanks so much for commenting! I can only imagine how wonderful your sausage gravy was this past weekend. It is the best for sure. Nothing like a warm, comfy meal to start the day off that is going to be full of outdoor work. Look for the pictures of your annual wood splitting weekend on the Fanpage in the next few days. To have enough wood for two winters of incredible fires must really feel good. Your husband knows how to make for a comfortable long winter’s day with his roaring fires. Enjoy!

  2. What a wonderful post! I love your 3 materialistic holiday gift suggestions!! I did get the nebulizer per your posting on aromatherapy and can guarantee you are right about this. It’s wonderful! And I also started using my cast iron skillet again. Your ideas in your posts have been very inspiring to me!! As for this one, I think we all had a Jenny Terry in our lives, unless, of course, you WERE the Jenny Terry in your school. And you are right. Sometimes it’s best to be guided in the direction of not following the herd, even though we never saw it that way growing up. Here’s to being unique and an independent thinker!!

    • Sue, you are so right. In every town and in every school there is a Jenny Terry. My Jenny Terry even had the perfect mother- she was the ONLY mother at the neighborhood swimming pool that could wear a white bikini! Boy, did she ever have the perfect tan!!! Anyway, little did I know that for my mother to not give in to the trends every time one of us kids had to have the latest and greatest that it would lead to uniqueness. I will ditto your toast to being unique and an independent thinker! It has made all the difference for my path in life to have taken the road less traveled…

  3. As your daughter, I can say I loved every Christmas gift I got as I grew up. I was definitely not a Jenny Terry though, and can remember to this day which friends I was jealous of every year at Christmas time. I was the one who got one new outfit while certain friends got dozens. I can remember one funny story (well funny now) in particular when we got our first computer as a family. It was before computers had any color to them. We were so excited to find that computer under the tree on Christmas morning…….only to realize it was a used computer……not only a used computer, but a computer from Dads office. Many years later we learned Dad got it for free from his office, as it wasn’t very useful anymore. I think I will always laugh when I think of this story!

    On another note, I am proud to say my daughter will not be a Jenny Terry either. I hope to instill in her much more inportant things than materialism…….even if she doesn’t like it as a child I am sure she will appreciate it as an adult.

    • Sammi, it warms my heart beyond what you could imagine to know that you have no angst over Christmases past – or at least the gifts anyway. I do remember that you got one new outfit each year and I also remember hearing you tell me about friends that would come to school for days and even weeks wearing new apparel they got as Christmas gifts. It certainly bothered me at the time to have you point this out but, your Dad and I felt it was more important to not over-indulge you, Ben and Jimmy. What an absolute hoot that you so vividly remember the computer. And yes, it was a used one. Today, it would be called recycled- puts a better spin on it doesn’t it? And yes, it was free. You grew up in a household of frugality my dear daughter.
      As for Ansley, I know she will be a Jenny Terry in at least one way – she will be beautiful! Don’t forget that she and I have a date for baking brownies one day in her Easy Bake Oven. You are welcome to join us…

  4. So, you know I’m curious. Does anybody know what happened to Jenny Terry?! Did she peak in high school
    or make it in “the real world” in spite of the fact that she
    was all that and more in Oak Grove Elementary?

    • Oh goodness, you made me realize that whenever I mention someone in a post, I contact them first to make sure it’s OK. I have no idea where Jenny Terry is now but, you can bet I will be trying to track her down. What fun it would be to let her know I still think of her after all these years. Funny, when I was writing the post she immediately popped into my head. I could see her fishnet stockings (remember those?) and her white go-go boots as clearly as when I walked into my class at Oak Grove Elementary. I even remember my teacher- Nancy Yancey! For all of us that had a Jenny Terry in our lives, we know the feeling that goes with it. For all the next generations that will encounter a Jenny Terry, know that life is full of lessons. Jenny was my friend and sure I did envy her, her clothes, her hair and oh yeah, her gorgeous mom in the white bikini – but, the lessons I learned from knowing her have carried me through life and made me who I am. As I said, my mother sowed the seeds for individuality and the seeds took root. I am who I am and by golly, that makes me unique. I am forever grateful.
      On another note, I am so glad you like my gift wish list. ANd, I am so glad you have a nebulizer and truly understand the restorative powers of essential oils. Mine is “brewing” a wonderful blend of Frankincense and Lime as I write.

    • Your home and your cooking will never be the same. Cast iron cookware is the environmentally conscious way to cook and absolutely, positively the cookware for the yummiest cooking adventures!

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