21 Days To Kick A Habit

It is time to ask yourself:

Is there anything negative in my house I would like to change?  Is there something  I do over and over again like a bad habit that really bugs me?

Is there room for improvement in a particular area of my homespace ?

My guess is you can answer YES to at least one of these questions.

Maybe you procrastinate about taking down holiday decorations  even when another holiday is right around the corner.  Maybe dirty laundry stays piled on the floor.  Maybe those dust bunnies have grown into dust monsters.  Maybe you have never removed the sofa cushions from you sofa for a good vacuuming (this one is gross!).  I have seen all of these bad habits time and again.

I am often amazed at the sense of style people feel it necessary to present to the external world while neglecting the truly important world right inside their homes.  This is in the form of how they wear their hair, how they dress and what type of car they drive.  All the while homes get neglected.

So, do you want to change?

Did you know that scientists believe it takes about 21 days to change a habit?  This is because we naturally resist change.

21 days…

That means change will need intention.  Change will need focus.  Change will need discipline.  Change will need time.

Time takes time.

But you are worth it.  Each time you conquer another bad habit it empowers you to conquer another.  Slowly but surely your homespace shows positive change.

You can do it!

Your homespace deserves it!

One thought…

A beautiful home impacts your mood and behavior.

Conquer those bad habits.


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Jamie Balzer

About Jamie Balzer

Jamie has worked in the field of interior decorating for over 10 years and has owned B&A Interiors, LLC for almost as long. Partnered with her daughter, Sammi Blake, Jamie has been honored to work in homes and businesses across the country. Knowledge and experience is but part of what she has to offer. As a young girl, Jamie intuitively understood that the placement of things, the color of things, and the arrangement of things evoke certain feelings. Working together with this knowledge, experience and intuition Jamie has answered the call to her life’s purpose- teaching the spiritual truth of what she believes- “Everything begins in the home”. As a branch of B&A Interiors, LLC, Living In Perfect Harmony emerged to teach her philosophy. Jamie believes, “if you live peacefully and beautifully at home, you are well, your family is well and that helps to make the world a better place”. Jamie's most passionate role is as a mother and grandmother. Jamie currently lives and works in the Chicago area but also continues her business in Charlotte, NC as both a decorator and a homespace coach. She is certified in Reiki Therapy which she believes broadens her success as a homespace coach. Jamie is available for private consultations, lectures and seminars.

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  1. Hey Jamie.
    Happy New Year!!!!
    This article is a great idea!!! And I really need to give a makeover in my guest bedroom, painting and everything else!!!! It will take 21 days, I can do it!!!! Thanks !!!! :)

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