February is the month of love.  February is also American Heart Month; a designation approved by Congress in 1963.  From all the research I have done on both topics, one has nothing to do with the other.  Yet, both have to do with the heart and are recognized in the same month.  It is the “love” part of February I want to speak to today.

Recently I found myself in a situation whereby Webster’s Dictionary was pulled out, referred to and actually used to define some very simple and common every day words.  I’m talking about words such as “shall” and “all”.  Everyone thinks they know what these words mean, but evidently their meanings are still open for debate and interpretation in some arenas. The word “love” is used all the time and yet, many of us don’t really think about what it means either.

In a recent post I made a statement that I firmly believe to be true about the word “love”. In my post, Cleaning The Mirror, I said, “Love is the most important verb in the English language.”  Now most of us think of the word “love” as a noun.  Here’s the definition found in Webster’s Dictionary for the word “love” used as a verb:

To hold dear; to like or desire actively; to take pleasure in

There’s a reason why in my post, Cleaning The Mirror I referred to the word “love “as a verb.  I personally don’t think most of us participate in it enough.  I know I don’t.  Clearly, verbs are action words.  To use this word as an action word, it requires you to do something.  So, what I want to impress upon you is to use the word “love” this month as a verb.  Actively participate in giving love this month- each and everyday to everyone in your HOME – be it your personal homespace, your workspace or your earthspace – after all, these are all parts that make up your HOME.  Get creative in the ways you go about this.  You will amaze yourself with what you come up with.  Simple acts of love such as bringing your loved one a cup of steaming hot coffee in the morning, reading an extra book to your child even though you are exhausted and ready for quiet time yourself, wrapping your child in a warm towel after a bath, calling a shut-in and saying hello, keeping your thoughts to yourself when someone annoys you, offering to take out the trash, closing the lid on the toilet, turning off the TV to talk to your partner, saying hello to people on the street, bringing cookies to work for your co-workers, complimenting someone you see, calling an old friend you haven’t touched base with in years, resisting the urge to get the last word in, smiling often, giving the waiter or waitress an extra tip, treating someone to an ice cream cone, texting someone that you love them, saying positive things to others, picking up litter, asking someone to go for a walk, etc., etc., etc.  The sky’s the limit on creative ways to actively participate in giving love to others!

Last year I embarked on a yearlong exercise in personal growth.  In early January of 2011 I assigned myself a focus word for each month.  My intention was to carefully study and use that particular word each day of that month in some form.  For the month of February I assigned myself the word  “Affection”.  Obviously I thought it was the perfect word to coincide with both Heart Month and Valentine’s Day.  It was wonderful to actively participate in using this word somehow each day.  But, the most rewarding way for me was when I assigned a person’s name to each day of the month.  I actually wrote each person’s name on my desk calendar and highlighted it with a marker so that I visually saw their name all day long.  Then I wrote a personal letter of affection to each person on that day.  (Hand written and mailed.)  It was like giving out Valentine’s cards and letters each day of the month. Sure, it required a lot of time and effort.  But, it was incredibly powerful for me to do it. I have no idea how or if my letter(s) touched many of the people I wrote to because I asked them not to feel the need to ever respond.  The gift of affection was from me with nothing expected in return.  (By the way I am doing this again this year with a new set of names and a new set of letters and cards to send each day!)  Try this yourself and see what happens.  It might just start a domino chain reaction – kind of like a “Love Train” if you will!

“People all over the world join hands
Start a love train, love train…
Don’t you know that it’s time to get on board…
Please don’t miss the train at the station
‘Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you”

Lyrics by The O’Jays
“Love Train”

To actively loving…

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  1. “Lovely” words to ponder! As a recipient of one of your letters last year, I can certainly say what an impact it had on me, mostly because it was totally unexpected. I was thrilled to receive it, and moved by what you wrote. Naturally, I saved the letter. I think in general we are quick to notice and point out flaws, annoyances, and imperfections. But we rarely take the time to express our appreciation or affection verbally, much less as a hand written letter. Sharing love as you suggested really isn’t all that hard. And it is almost addictive once you begin. The rewards are huge. You really do get what you give! So, please sign me up for the Love Train!!

    • What a wonderful way to make my day! See, the love train is already working. And, you are so right- it does become addicting to give love to others because it absolutely, positively makes you light on your feet and giddy with feel good vibes. The challenge is to expand your circle of those you give love to each day, but it makes for so much more joy! Funny thing – even though actively participating in giving love to others takes time and effort, it actually energizes you,too. Being grumpy and withholding love from others actually drains you more than giving it does. Have a fabulous, loved filled day dear friend.

  2. How weird I found the card you sent me 2 days ago. This is a great idea, enjoyed the post.

    • MA, not so weird when you know how things like this seem to always happen. There are no coincidences in life if you ask me. Thanks for your comments and consider this post a challenge to board the train!

  3. I absolutely love this post and the idea of the love train. I ask God daily to help me honor him in every aspect of my life. I have recently been faced with a situation that has made me question whether I lost the ability to share love in a meaningful and adequate manner to a very important person in my life. After reading your suggestions on using love as a verb in our everyday lives, I realize that together, we must have fallen short in this area of our lives. I vow, starting today, to take your suggestions and incorporate them into every aspect of my life. Life is too precious, and I have been much to blessed to not share all the love I have inside to give to so many. Thank you for your inspiration, and count me in on the love train!

    • Debbie, I read this beautifully worded and from the heart comment earlier this morning and just had to reflect on it for awhile before responding. I understand where you are coming from in the words you chose to use about your life and I marvel at the depth of honestly with which you write. Truth be told, all of us take for granted that people around us know we care about them. Yet, most of us fall miserably short of actively showing it. This extends to friends, our community and humanity as a whole. Several years ago because of so much of the trauma-drama in my life I came to a fork in the road of which way to turn. Was I to take the easier road that kept me traveling a life of hurt and despair or was I to take the more difficult road to restoration of my heart and soul? I chose the road of restoration – just didn’t know how many twists, turns, bumps and craters it had for me along the way before it would take me to the end of the road and the train station where The Love Train was waiting to board. Without a doubt the road led me to my own absolute realization that I wanted to board The Love Train and never get off. Furthermore, the route on this road created in me a need to honestly express to others why they should board themselves. It is the train to glory for sure! I am so glad you hopped on!

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