When I was growing up and even when my children were young, the only big holiday anyone decorated for was Christmas. Today, most of us decorate for holidays such as Halloween and Easter often weeks ahead of the actual day the holiday falls on. Honoring Valentine’s Day has become one more holiday with which there are ways to decorate your homespace. Retailers have an abundance of accessories you can add to your home decor. Everything from red dishtowels and red coffee mugs to whimsical throw pillows with love quotes on them can be found in the big box stores such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware. For the month of February, love is in the air everywhere you turn in the home decorating industry.

I happen to be a decorator so certainly I like to decorate for any and all of the holidays my David and I observe. However, I also believe in being practical and cost-conscious so here are some ways I suggest decorating and celebrating the month of Love:

  • Find inexpensive things to purchase to help create the theme of love in your homespace for the month of February. Just like any other holiday you decorate for, keep all your “Valentine Theme Décor” in a container for that holiday in an easily accessible place. (HINT: If this is a new décor idea for you, like with all holiday décor, often the best time to purchase Valentine’s Day items is after February 14th then you can be ready for next year!)
  • Make a family picture on Valentine’s Day to commemorate one more year of love in your family. Add to the collection each year and for the month of February display all the past family pictures in a grouping in your homespace. Having everyone wear red for the “Kodak moment” makes it even more festive and fun!
  • Make your own “Love Tree” simply by making heart shaped cards on construction paper then writing different love quotes on each one. Hang them by string on a sturdy plant in your homespace such as a Weeping Fig or a Norfolk Island Palm. This is a fun activity you can get the entire family involved in or you can even invite friends to make a Valentine for your tree. (Remember, plants are a vital part of making a healthy home as discussed in a recent Blog post, Top Twelve Best Indoor Plants For Purifying The Air)
  • Make everyone happy with Homemade Pancakes this month – only use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart shaped pancakes. I guarantee you; smiles will be abundant in your household! (For my fave recipe for Pancakes check out my post, Homemade Pancakes – What Could Be Better?)
  • Switch out your decorative candles to red (or even pink) ones, particularly in the more personal spaces such as bathrooms and the master bedroom.
  • Nothing beats fresh flowers for any occasion. For the month of February fill your homespace with the colors of love – red carnations, red roses, etc. with splashes of pinks and whites.
  • Go to your local bakery and pick up a few professionally decorated Valentine’s cookies and display them in a glass cake saver for pure delight. Better still use festive looking doilies for them to sit on to add more interest! (Remember, you can freeze these cookies and display them from year-to-year.)
  • Fill your homespace with the aromatic scents we connect with feelings of love in your nebulizer or with scented candles. For a relaxed, peaceful feeling of love look for oils such as Rose Oil or Rose scented candles. (Oil from the Pink-Red Damascus Rose is one of the best.) For feisty (feelings of love that is) look for spicy scented oils such as Ginger and Cinnamon. Regardless of which scents suit your taste, diffusing essential oils into your homespace definitely enhances the mood of your space. (See my post, Aromatherapy In Your Home.)


The most important thing to remember in decorating is my motto “Less is more”.  There is absolutely, positively no quicker or better way to destroy a classy look than to take a theme into overdrive.  So with the color Red being the warmest color on the color wheel (as I discussed in my post, Seeing Red) subtle uses of the color will speak volumes.

Picnic of love

Photo Credit: Kristin Vining Photography

Enjoy loving…

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  1. For people that have a Kroger near by they do Chocolate covered strawberries all day. Pick then up for someone special.

    • Some things visually speak love better than others. I for one think chocolate covered strawberries speak volumes of love! Every day should be a chocolate day anyway, right? Thanks for the heads-up MA for all those that can shop at Kroger! Have a wonderful, love filled day!

  2. My children are still young so they have been coming home from school with Valentines projects, so these have become our holiday decorations. Honestly, there are times I wish I had more than construction paper hearts taped over the entire fridge, but they are so proud of their homemade artwork…how can I resist! And I know there will come a day they won’t bring me sweet artwork home from school so for now construction paper and glitter it is!
    My son and I even made our own front door Valentine’s wreath and yes, I pulled out my scrapbooking supplies and we cut out hearts. I love the idea of shopping the after the holiday sales for next years decorations!

    • Crystal, no art in this world can compare to “Art from the Heart”! I have a blog post coming out next week about children’s art and I hope you read it. Your mention of their paper hearts taped on the fridge reminds me so much of when my kids were young. (Benjamin, Sammi and Jimmy loved making heart pictures for Valentine’s Day every year!) Later in life I wised up and put some of their art from the heart in a more permanent display in my home. By the way, I absolutely, positively love the heart wreath that Blake made. Readers out there, I have put it on LIPH’s Fanpage so please check it out. And, while you are there, click “like”. It will make my day! Go to: facebook/livinginperfectharmony. Have a wonderful, family-filled day of love Crystal!

  3. Hi Jamie, Happy Valentines Day…I love to decorate too. My home has the rustic woods, cabins, trees decor now and a warm red carpet both Gary and I love. When my boys were little I planted mini fruit trees. When one of them died I cleaned it, painted it white and it was our tree of the month every month for years. I loved doing it for some remembrances and celebrations. Planted it in plaster of Paris to stand it. Diffinetly a tree of love, especially for birthday people. Thanks for sharing.
    Joy Stark

    • Happy Valentine’s Day (early though ) to you as well, Joy. It is so nice to hear from you today! Your comment is full of so many interesting tidbits! I love the whole rustic theme of your homespace and believe you me, my innermost desire is to have a home in the woods. I envision it in my head with the utmost of details – for sure, it will some day come to fruition, complete with a winding slate stepping stone path to a wooded area in the backyard where my studio will sit – in a boxcar no less. But I digress, so back to your wonderful idea of the mini-fruit tree you made into a monthly celebration. This is truly one of the keenest ideas I have heard of in a long time and of course, because it has to do with nature (my biggest love) I find it to be so wonderful! I hope other readers see this comment you wrote and take from it this idea! Thank you so much. And do keep sending ideas my way! Have a wonderfully blissful day!

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