My mission with LIPH has always been and will always be to help others create peace and harmony in their homes.  My tag line, Everything begins in the home is a simple message that clearly expresses my view that everything in life absolutely, positively begins in the home.

Because this month is American Heart Month and also the month we celebrate love, this post is about your heart, your most personal HOME.  A healthy heart is crucial to a healthy body much as your homespace needs a strong foundation in order to support the structure you dwell in.  And, a heart needs to be healthy in two important ways:

  • Physically
  • Emotionally

A physically healthy heart

I’m not a doctor so I won’t even begin to try and preach specifics about physical heart health.  Just know I have had up close and personal experience with family and friends that have experienced heart problems or worse – heart attacks.

Here are some simple facts of heart disease to ponder:

  • Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the leading cause of all deaths in the U.S. each year.
  • One-third of those that suffer a heart attack do not survive it.
  • In the U.S., someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in American women.
CeCe Hampton loving life

CeCe Hampton loving life

Speaking of women, my dear friend CeCe Hampton is a survivor of a heart attack herself.  I admire her greatly as she has chosen to be a spokesperson for the fight against Coronary Heart Disease.  CeCe’s heart attack came at the ripe old age of 31.  I spoke with her the other day about this and asked her what her message would be for other women on heart disease. This is was she said,

“Women need to listen to their bodies and look for any warning signs that something is askew.  We women will take our husbands or our children to the doctor right away but for some reason most of us ignore our own health and put it off for another day.”

CeCe told me that when she felt unusual pain in her chest, she practiced what she now preaches.  She listened to her body, went to the doctor and now is alive to tell her story.  By the way, if you want to hear more of her story go to:

Thanks CeCe for allowing me to share with others an up close and personal experience of yours!  You go girl and while you’re at it – continue to follow your bliss!

An emotionally healthy heart

This is the part of heart health that truly fascinates me.  As I said earlier, I’m not a doctor, but it just makes sense to me that our hearts are affected by our emotions.  I believe that our bodies work from the inside out.  By that I mean that first we feel the emotion, then we physically respond to it.  For several years in my own life, stress wrecked havoc on my body.  All the chronic stress my body was under made war on my body like pollutants to destroy me physically.  I had to pay the Piper for all the trauma-drama in a myriad of ways that I still deal with today.  I believe that there is such a strong connection between the heart, mind and body that it is imprudent to separate them from a cause and effect scenario.  Each affects the other in my view.  And, there is plenty of compelling data to support this.  For example in the book, The Heart Speaks cardiologist, Dr. Mimi Guarneri “speaks” to this very subject.  She says that loneliness, grief, sadness, bitterness, hurt and anger can greatly impact a healthy heart.   Dr. Guarneri says people truly can have so much emotional damage to their heart that they die of “a broken heart”.  I believe it.

So, imagine if starting today each of us took a better look inside our hearts and posed the question, “How emotionally healthy are you dear heart of mine?”  Today, I would be able to honestly answer, “Pretty darn healthy dear friend.”  When I asked myself this same question a few short years ago the answer was just the opposite.  I knew I needed to reduce the stress in my life in order to be more emotionally heart healthy so I began to make some hefty changes in my life. By making these changes, I have made my heart emotionally strong.  Here are some of the ways I have done it:

  • By choosing to meditate.
  • By choosing to spend time in Nature as often as possible.
  • By choosing to focus on positive memories.
  • By choosing to add humor to my daily life.
  • By choosing to smile more.
  • By choosing to be positive.
  • By choosing to live in the moment.
  • By choosing silence.
  • By choosing to use the word “love” as a verb.

The operative word here is “choosing”.  After all, everything we do is a choice.  Nothing is going to change unless you choose to make changes.  It’s that simple.

Here’s the challenge ~ begin today to actively work on making your heart healthier both physically and emotionally.  Start with baby steps if you need to.  Baby steps progress into bigger steps for sure.  Remember, the choice is yours.

Choose to have a heart full of all the best in life you can have.  And by the way, just when you think your heart is full of all the best, something new will come along and add to your heart happiness.  Mine did just recently as a matter of fact.  My youngest son, Jimmy (my baby) officially chose the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  She is a wonderful fit for Jimmy.  She loves the outdoors and even loved getting engaged in a tree stand deep in the woods in the cold of December 2011. Welcome to my heart HOME, Lailuma!  My heart swells with joy knowing my son is so deeply happy with you in his life!

Lailuma Miller in the great outdoors

Lailuma Miller in the great outdoors

To loving life and having a happy, healthy heart…

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  1. Jamie, I haven’t read the blog in sometime because life has been a little crazy. Sorry! But like I’ve said before to you its funny when I do… it is relative to conversation or thought that I’m having at the moment. I was just having a conversation with you brother about “choices.” And sometimes it is as simple has “choosing.” You can only imagine our conversation. I will have to fill you in. But again, my sister-n-law, you have brought confirmation and joy into my home. I love and miss you very much. Let’s chat soon.

    • Laura, we both agree that timing is everything. We also both agree that there are no coincidences in life, but instead messages meant to teach, remind and sometimes rewind our thinking and of course, our actions and behaviors. I am so thrilled (but not surprised) that today’s post coincided with conversational moments in your life that gave you some nuggets to ponder over. Life is definitely about making choices. If nothing else, I have “chosen” to truly grasp and understand that and then, work diligently to make the best choices I can. Have a blissful day and yes, let’s chat soon!

  2. My Heart was feeling really healthy and good when running in the 20 mph wind and 25 degree weather this morning! On the other hand, my freezing fingers were really pissed off. Its always something….

    • Gary, as ever the competitive one – I will out do you this morning. I am headed to the great outdoors here in Chicagoland and it is currently 16 degrees without the windchill. We are expecting snow (though only a tad) this afternoon and I won’t miss walking in nature to experience the snow coming down, so I will head out later as well. Let me say though that your humorous way you relate to life always brings a smile to my face if not an outright chuckle! Stay warm the rest of the day and thank you so much for commenting. You have added to my heart today for sure!

  3. Hi Jamie: Lumsden’s comment cracked me up, boy do I know the feeling of a part of you rebelling. the part of me that rebels is the brain, it try’s to talk the body out of going out at all, using the weather as an excuse. If my Gary encourages me however I do go and try to smile about it. This being heart month, I realize my biggest asset is the love and support I get from my spouse. That love brings me peace and contentment and of course urgently nudges me to get up and go. The Will feels ticked off (my words if in print) but it will get over it. Joy Stark

    • Yep Joy, Gary cracked me up as well. Gary (Lumsden) is one of my dearest friends from “the growing up years”. He had a dry sense of humor then and still does today. It probably serves him well as an attorney! Gary, if you are reading this – thanks for making Joy’s day! And Joy, what a wonderful comment to make about your Gary and the love and support you get from him. The power of love is incredible for sure – it creates a safe and secure space in your heart for true peace and harmony. I read a wonderful quote while swimming laps at the pool the other day and it has stuck with me:
      “Human emotions come and go, but commitment is rock solid.”
      That statement says it all. True, everlasting love is all about the commitment, not about the emotions. I am so happy that you have found this for yourself in such a loving spouse! Celebrate the month of love together and every day after in the same way – with peace and contentment!

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