Using The Color Green In Home Decor

It’s springtime so open your front door or simply gaze out the window and what color do you see?  Unless you look up, chances are you’re seeing the color Green – Nature’s very own!  Yep, springtime is the perfect season to witness Nature’s predominant color in its entire splendor.  And with all the feel good vibes that come with the green of spring, it’s no wonder that the color Green itself has positive emotional impact.


A secondary color on the color spectrum, Green is a blend of the primary colors of Yellow and Blue.  Green symbolizes Health, Well-being, Prosperity and Life.  Green is the color most favored by people in the helping and healing fields.

The psychology of Green

As I wrote in my post, The Power Of Color, the use of color is a form of non-verbal communication.  The color choices you make in your space greatly impact it and as I discussed in the post, colors not only symbolize certain feelings, they have the power to evoke certain feelings as well.

Studies have shown that Green has its own effects on us.  For example, using green creates a calming and soothing atmosphere.  Here are some other effects Green has on us:

  • Helps to alleviate Depression
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Reduces Fear
  • Nurtures us
  • Fills us with a sense of balance and harmony

It’s no wonder that many hospitals and medical establishments use Green as the color of choice for walls and fabrics!

Several people I know infuse shades of green in their own homespaces.  Oddly enough they are all in the medical field!  My childhood friend, Julie has soft sage walls in her dining room and splashes of green throughout her entire homespace.  A dedicated nurse and a person full of compassion for others, I’m not the least bit surprised that she loves Green.  Then there’s my dear friend Jolie.  She uses the color Green in her homespace and her office is furnished with beautiful green sofas and club chairs.  Immediately upon walking into her office you feel a sense of peace and calm – important for anyone that seeks out her medical expertise.  Last but not less, one of my niece’s, Jackie uses green in her home décor as well.  And yep, she’s also in the medical field- she’s a speech pathologist and in her personal life she’s always smiling, always upbeat and one that couldn’t hurt a fly!

So knowing that these three wonderfully caring individuals are drawn to the color Green gives me pause to consider the question of the chicken and the egg – you know, which came first?  Did a childhood love of green subconsciously draw each of them into career paths of helping and healing or vice versa?  Now, stay on the path of connecting the color Green with how we act and react and that flat brings out the wanna be psychologist in me and makes me say…

Go green in your space

Infuse the color Green in your homespace.  After all, if green can have positive effects on us, for heavens sake, we all should consciously incorporate it into our decor.  There are a myriad of ways you can do this without going over the top or ignoring the color palette that truly speaks to you such as incorporating it into throw pillows and accessories, but the easiest and for me the absolute best way to add the color Green to your space is with living plants.  Bringing green into your homespace in such a natural way by far changes the energy of your space – not to mention the health of your space (as discussed in a post, Top Twelve Best Indoor Plants For Purifying The Air).

Live green in your space

In recent years it has become the politically correct thing to go green by physically caring more for our environment in ways such as reducing water usage, reducing electrical usage, reducing gas consumption and of course, by recycling all that we can.  Our planet and humanity just cannot keep handling all our excesses, uses and abuses.  Every day the news gives us more ideas of how to physically care more for our environment.  But as a decorator and a homespace coach, what I call a “psychologist of the home”, I cannot stress enough the importance of psychologically caring more for our environment, what I call “living green”.  By going green in our home décor, we live green by reducing anxiety, feeling calmer, more peaceful and relaxed.  By going green we live green and can more easily live in perfect harmony within ourselves as well as with greater mankind.

Living green connects us to Nature

Richard Louv, author of the book, Last Child in the Woods and his most recent book, The Nature Principle, has some very compelling thoughts on the importance of nature in our lives.  He calls Nature the best tonic we can find and says,

“The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.”

I emphatically agree with Mr. Louv and have learned this for myself.  There’s no better medicine for me than to get outdoors and connect with Nature.  That’s why I also know firsthand the importance of bringing nature indoors as much as possible and so I highly recommend that everyone do this.  By infusing shades of green in our décor theme, we subconsciously connect to Nature.  It’s just that simple.

Early this morning I walked five miles at the park.  I was overwhelmed with the panoramic view of green around me.  With many of the trees in varying degrees of sprouting new leaves, the shades of green seemed endless.  I felt like Julie Andrew’s character, Maria in The Sound of Music as I realized my arms began stretching out to encompass the beauty surrounding me.  No, I can’t sing, but I sure come alive surrounded in green!

To living green…

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Jamie Balzer

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Jamie has worked in the field of interior decorating for over 10 years and has owned B&A Interiors, LLC for almost as long. Partnered with her daughter, Sammi Blake, Jamie has been honored to work in homes and businesses across the country. Knowledge and experience is but part of what she has to offer. As a young girl, Jamie intuitively understood that the placement of things, the color of things, and the arrangement of things evoke certain feelings. Working together with this knowledge, experience and intuition Jamie has answered the call to her life’s purpose- teaching the spiritual truth of what she believes- “Everything begins in the home”. As a branch of B&A Interiors, LLC, Living In Perfect Harmony emerged to teach her philosophy. Jamie believes, “if you live peacefully and beautifully at home, you are well, your family is well and that helps to make the world a better place”. Jamie's most passionate role is as a mother and grandmother. Jamie currently lives and works in the Chicago area but also continues her business in Charlotte, NC as both a decorator and a homespace coach. She is certified in Reiki Therapy which she believes broadens her success as a homespace coach. Jamie is available for private consultations, lectures and seminars.

10 thoughts on “Using The Color Green In Home Decor

  1. What a lovely post! My favorite color is green, and I’m thrilled to see so many wonderful effects the color green has on people! Amazing!! I’m trying to decide how many different shades of green can work itself into our new house! Meanwhile, I want to pay attention to where it shows up, and how it makes me feel.

    • Thank you so much! I am not the least bit surprised that you love Green ~ as a Nature Photographer and a lover of all things found in nature, you would! Yes, Green has tremendous healing powers. In fact, Nature in general does. It is no wonder we take live plants and flowers to hospital patients and shut-ins. These things from Nature bring good vibes into the space and can instantaneously change a person’s mood. And, as I have written over and over again on my Blog, Nature restores us in a way that nothing else can – at least in a natural sense. So, infusing the color Green in our homespaces (and our workspaces) is an obvious choice to make. Enjoy the blissful day and keep capturing the beauty you find in the great outdoors!

  2. Hi Jamie….I too think the color green adds a feeling of peace in our homes. we have our game room in green but rest of the house has touches. We have a lot of windows and everywhere we look is green, like living in a treehouse feeling. I love it. I love the moss on the trees and we have several windows where we are looking at the moss. lots of rain here so green is our base and the flowers our colors. I feel truly blessed to live in Oregon.
    Joy Stark

    • Joy, as I have gotten to visualize you and your home through your comments on this blog (since we have never actually met) I already knew you would understand the calming powers you get from the color Green. Your home must be a paradise and you seem very fortunate to be living in space that gives you such peace and harmony. Oregon is truly beautiful, I agree. I am visiting Astoria in June and will once again see the beauty your state has to offer first hand!

  3. Jamie …. Thank you for all your comments back. Lori said you were making a trip out here. I hope you have a wonderful time. I know your city is exciting and I hope someday to see it, maybe with Chris and Lori. I love the big city but I find Portland Oregon a calming city mainly. Maybe it is all the green and trees. Hope our weather cooperates with your visit. Would be fun to meet.

    • I am so excited to be able to make the trip to Oregon include a visit with Lori. I would love nothing more than to meet you and put a face to the beautiful comments you so kindly take the time to write on my Blog. Let’s make it happen…

    • I agree, Bee. I love this photo and named it, “The Path of Peace”. Hopefully readers get that the path of green leads to peace and that’s why the color Green should be infused in their homespaces! Thanks for commenting!

    • Jamie, I love that you named the picture “The Path of
      Peace”. And, Bee ~ I never thought about it, but I do know when I’m walking through paths like this, it’s very hard to
      be worried, angry, or upset ~ heading to the woods is my way of centering and discarding any emotions I don’t want to carry around. I think the color green really does have an effect on me, but I never put it together! We plan to use
      a lot of green in the new home. I’m glad you both like
      the photo!

      • Susan, any path that leads you into Nature is a true way to find Peace. I love this photograph you took. Just seeing the path in this image gives me instant calm and makes me want to get my work done so I can head to the woods! Thank you as always for your wonderful talent you share with LIPH!

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