As I’ve written in earlier posts this spring, I love this season and all that it brings.  Trees with new leaves, grass greening up and flowers popping out of the ground are all part of what makes me feel “twitterpated” for sure.

One of my favorite things about spring is that the Strawberry fields begin to bloom and by late April and May beautiful red berries are ready to be picked.  Throughout the years my children were growing up, I took them strawberry picking every year that I could.  Dressed in our grungiest clothes and shoes (besides strawberry stains being a hassle, the fields are notoriously muddy) we would make an outing to pick strawberries.  Once home I would make jam from much of what we picked and of course, we’d eat them for days popping them into our mouths, mixed with other fruits for breakfast or as the crowning glory for dessert.

Heading to the fields

Heading to the fields

Something comes over me when I arrive at a farm to pick strawberries.  I’m giddy, excited and oddly nervous – clearly full of mixed emotions.  I’m giddy with knowing the sheer fun I’ll have, but the excitement about getting to pick mixes with worry that too many people will show up and “crowd” my space in this wonderful task.  You see, I like to imagine myself in the fields as if I’m Laura Ingalls on the prairie; picking berries so that Ma can make dessert for dinner.  Or that Mary and I (Laura’s sister) can take some of our own delicious strawberries in our baskets and go sit under the tree by the banks of Plum Creek and just laze the day away eating till our tummies and hearts are full.  (By the way, somehow Melissa Gilbert’s exposed Tattoos on DWTS just ruin my Laura image!)  I’m much this same way at Christmas Tree Farms, Pumpkin Patches and other “Pick your own Farms”.  So what I have to do is chatter inside my head to myself to remember to just enjoy the moment and not worry about how many strawberries I can take home.  After all, I can always go again!

At work picking strawberries

At work

This year I’ve already been strawberry picking and I have to say, it’s the best time amongst the strawberry plants I’ve ever had.  Why?  This year I got to go with my granddaughter, Ansley (God’s Littlest Angel).  Oh and we did let her mom, Sammi go, too by the way.  I happened to be in Charlotte working and so we set aside this particular morning for the simple pleasure of picking strawberries.  Now Ansley’s only seventeen months old so, we had no idea what to expect of her in the fields – especially since we opted NOT to take the stroller. But Good Golly Miss Molly, the child is a reincarnation of Laura Ingalls.  She knew Just. What. To. Do.  Totally serious about the work, she picked and picked – OK, she also ate and ate.  Sammi figured she ate at least 30 juicy strawberries.  But, she was precious to watch.  Ever so gently she would pick the berry and then plop it into the basket.  Each berry she put in the basket brought a smile to her face as if she was saying, “Ta Da, I did it just right.”   So, this wonderful excursion to the strawberry fields this year got me to thinking…

The time is Ripe

Having had such a wonderful time with both Sammi and God’s Littlest Angel, I knew it was a moment in the big picture of my life that I would always treasure.  I was reminded of a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The time is always ripe to do the right thing.”

Sure, the strawberries were ripe, but what was really ripe was the moment.  It was the right time to take the time to do the right thing – which was to spend time with my loved ones and especially not worry or obsess over who else drove up to the parking lot of the farm to pick strawberries, too.

And then it hit me.  The time really is always ripe to do the right thing.  We don’t have to wait.  For me, this means making the most of every single moment of every single day to do what is right in that moment.  Powerful words by a powerful man that I need to live by.  Think about it yourself and really digest the truth of this statement.  Yep, the time is always ripe to do the right thing.  We just have to do it.  Oh, and while writing this post I happened upon another wonderful quote, so perfect for this message about spending time with my granddaughter,

“Children are God’s Apostles, sent forth, day by day, to preach of love, hope and peace.“
James Russell Lowell

It’s true.  No matter what’s going on in the great big world, to a child it becomes condensed very simply to the moment and they are guided by a desire to love and yep, live in perfect harmony with those around them.  Hmmmmm…

Ansley eating a strawberry


To grandchildren, the best dessert in life…

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  1. Another beautiful post! I think one of the best things about being with children ~ or especially grandchildren (because by the time we have grandchildren, our priorities have really changed!!) ~ is that they allow us to slow down. And when we slow down, we are more apt to be in the moment. We really do need to spend as much time as we can enjoying NOW, and not always waiting for tomorrow, or fretting about yesterday. Ansley is adorable!

    • Everything you say Susan about slowing down is so true. What gifts children are to us to remind us about the simple pleasures of life. Thanks so much for you wonderful comment and I am thrilled you find my Ansley adorable. She has certainly stolen my heart!

  2. Love the pictures of Ansley. Knowing you as my sister, I think some of those emotions were that you got the most strawberries. For people who don’t know you you are very competitive. Love ya sis

  3. I am just coming across this post….It evoked such a joyous feeling in me…I was giddy in fact : ) just reading. It is ALL about the simple pleasures like a perfectly ripe strawberry in the hands of a child (a precious one at that). As a new mom I continue to tell people that I truly underestimated the amount of JOY my son would bring into my life. In a strange way he has been such a wake up call for me…saying just that “the time is ripe”. I am one who gets paraylzed by the need to achieve perfection. His baby book is the perfect example. I didn’t want to write in it if I didn’t have the perfect pen, the perfect penmenship, the perfect description of the moment. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks while reading from my husband’s baby book (his mom now sadly deceased) We don’t care one bit about the pen she used or the way she wrote in that book, but rather we cling to every morsel of information about the eruption of his first tooth or their first “dilemma” as parents. Henry may a baby book full of mis-spelled words but he’ll have a smile on his face one day knowing that he is so very loved by an imperfect mother….. but a PRESENT mother. So the time is now. Loved the post! Thank you.

    • Marli, goodness I am so thrilled at the joy this post gave you. And, yes absolutely it IS about the simple pleasures in life that we seem to either rush through or not do at all. Too often most of us “attack” our days and all the activities our days include like a “To Do” list and forget the joy of the moment. As my dear niece, I know you well and do understand your need for perfection in your work life and your home life. Funny what speaks to each of us to reign us back in like Wally’s Baby Book for you. I hope you will now find the simple pleasure and the simple joy in just writing in Henry’s book what comes to your mind at the time you sit with pen in hand like Susan clearly did those years ago for her own son, your husband. In a skinny second Henry will be all grown up and be able to look back fondly while reading whatever you decided to write. I can only imagine that Susan is looking down from the heavens watching you and Wally read his Baby Book. I imagine her swinging in a swing reaching out with love and laughter on her face watching you, Wally and Henry! And, by the way – Henry needs no other present in life than PRESENT parents. All else pales in comparison! Embrace each and every moment with him. He is such a gift! Love to you and thanks for your heartfelt comments!

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