Color gives expression. Color creates mood. Color can enhance and add beauty to your space.

Know what color speaks to you.

I have no memories of getting to select the color palette of my bedroom growing up that I shared with my sister, Mary Ann. But, I can tell you exactly what color was my favorite as a child- olive green.

Do any of you remember character books in elementary school? If not, these were social notebooks in my school (not ordained by the teachers and principal of course) that kids used every year as a means of expressing who they were. These character books were the thing- and were passed around to friends for you to have them write answers to the questions you posed on subsequent pages. Looking back these character books left a lot of kids out as not everyone got the honor to write in them. Sad but, very true. Sometimes I think these 1960’s notebooks were a precursor to Facebook. You chose what “friends” could write in your book and share things about themselves with you and anyone else that got to be a friend in your book!

Anyway, year after year the question of, “What is your favorite color?” was asked. I always responded that mine was olive green. To this day it is still my favorite color. I use it in my homespace décor accompanied by other warm earth tones that compliment it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Your color choices in your homespace often change and even evolve over time. In my early years of creating homespace I fell victim to the trends. Yes, I went through the blue and rose stage and then later the blue and peach stage. Once I was compelled to paint my most personal space (my bedroom) vibrant Chinese red. No coincidence there, it mirrored my inner self at the moment. A newly single woman letting the world know, “I am woman, hear me roar” if you will.

None of this was wrong and was part of my path of discovery. But, what I have come to learn and understand through life experience as well as my career experience is that your choice and use of color in your homespace should be what uniquely fits you and your lifestyle. It defines you and those who dwell within the space. It sets you apart from everyone else in your own unique way.

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Be true to yourself.

Know your color and use it in your homespace décor. Let the colors you use in your home accurately express who and what you are. And, if you still find it important to follow the trends- use these trendy colors in small ways as accents to your color palette. Or better yet, make use of the trendy new colors in your fashion wear.

Also, keep educating yourself about color. Look for upcoming articles on this blog site discussing specific topics of color such as the psychology of color and the symbolism of color. I will also post articles on the science of color with splashes of statistics about the use of color. I hope you will find these to be thought provoking and empowering. Just remember, let your homespace reflect your true self. Color is one way to achieve this.

Allow your homespace to express your uniqueness. Be true to yourself. By doing so, you will make a bold statement about yourself as you allow the true essence of your soul to emerge.

One thought…

Your home should embrace you with open arms of comfort.

Keep decorating…

Photo credit: Sean Kalooky

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  1. I was going through a face treatment for skin cancer a few years ago. I had to put Efudex on my face 2 times a day. It only attacks the cancer, which was all over my face. This was the most painful thing I have ever been through. I didn’t leave my house for 4 weeks. Guess what color I painted an accent wall in my kitchen during that time. RED

    • I will never forget this time for you Mary Ann. And, having experienced skin cancer, Efudex and surgery for the cancer myself – I feel you completely. I loved your red accent wall but, it really did become an outward expression of what your soul was feeling at the time! This is why we should all reflect on what colors we are using in our personal homespace as these colors tell a story about us! By the way, I STILL want to see you paint the ceiling in the half bath on your main level. Maybe one day…

  2. After eighteen years my colors still make me feel cosy….I have alot of black….as you know, but alot of green …..I still feel warmth from these colors even though Al and I chose them together. I use alot of black and white and I guess I see my life in black and white….I add color as accents just as I add different things in my life…..but I still come back to my base of black and white. I don’t really know what I read from this except what you see if what you get. BLACK and WHITE. Thanks for the article….really enjoyed it. Susie

    • Yep, you do use a lot of black and white – but, you use it well!!! And, I agree- you see things in black and white. It is either this way or that way- no in between. I used to see things as black and white as well, divorce taught me to look at the subtle shades in between. The point to your comment though is that you infuse many vibrant colors for extra punch. That’s what sets you apart. Look for my future post on “The Science of Color’. For example, some scientists believe that one of the reasons men die at an earlier age than women is that they tend to wear black, gray or navy blue everyday. So, men out there- make sure the ties you choose get the extra kick of color. Just like a great little black dress and red heels- the look changes. Susie, this is what your homespace does!

  3. Hello.. Enjoying your sharings with us. We have a 3 story home and each floor has a different use. First floor is a soft green (games and exercising). Second floor is all living and family and friends (warm mocha and on ceiling too). Third floor is our sanctuary and sleeping area, I painted it a dusky medium purple (but not the ceiling – did it in the color of an Oregon sky). when the sun shines in all colors are beautiful. Joy

    • Love how you designate each level of your home with specific colors to best be a backdrop to the “living in” of the space. And, there is nothing like an Oregon sky. And, the coast of Oregon- what beauty. Being a southern woman it is hard for me to admit to any ocean beauty other than the east coast. But, the Oregon coastline is gorgeous!!!

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