Love of Nature’s Bounty

As a young girl growing up on a farm with 12 siblings in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, I could not wait to move to the big city. Free of farm chores, free of farm smells and free of wide-open farm spaces.

The city beckoned. Or, Blacksburg VA did anyway. Free from chores and ready for a new experience in college. Little did I know that the love of nature was in my blood. I soon realized that I had taken nature for granted and I actually loved it.

So, I set my sights on a degree in horticulture with a minor in Vocational Education as a back up to get a job in my chosen field. After college I taught horticulture in high school.
Years and three kids later, I still love it. It is my chosen path.

Love of nature

Here are some reasons I love nature:

Nature is calming and peaceful.

Immersing yourself in nature makes you better understand where your food comes from.

Nature reminds you that it is the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy.

Craig and Blake mowing grass

Photo credit: Crystal Balzer aka "The Domestic Diva"

Blake and his first strawberries from the garden

Photo credit: Crystal Balzer aka "The Domestic Diva"

Infusing nature in the home

Once I finished college and married, I began to make sure that the aspects of nature became part of my home.  As a mother I tried to impart this love to my three sons.  I cannot tell you the number of times they balked at being outdoors working in the yard.  Their idea of being outside was to play.  But, all my teachings have paid off. My oldest son, Craig calls just to talk yard talk!  And now I get to watch my grandchildren reap the benefits of nature having learned it through their parents teaching them.

I marvel at my grandson, Blake’s interest in the simple joys nature has to offer like watching a robin outside the window looking for food and then finding a nest in the tree house full of eggs.  Or Ryleigh and Blake picking the first strawberries from the family garden they have helped to nurture and tend.

In future articles you will find ways to bring nature inside for you and your family.  Gardening can be a fun hobby and it can involve the whole family!

Look for articles on other topics as well such as, “How to make a terrarium”, and “How to reduce toxins in the home with indoor plants”.

Happy gardening!

Nest with robin eggs

Photo credit: Crystal Balzer aka "The Domestic Diva"

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Becky Balzer

About Becky Balzer

Becky Balzer is a horticulturist with a great passion for anything green. As a young girl she grew up on the family farm nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The farm consisted of 27 acres and numerous pasturelands for harvesting hay as well as pasturing cattle. One of 13 children Becky could not wait to leave the farming life and endless chores behind. Ironically, while attending college she realized her career path pointed in the direction from which she came- nature. Becky graduated from VA Tech with a B.S. in Horticulture and a minor in Vocational Education in 1979. She has continued her education over the years with classes at both the University of VA and Mary Baldwin College. Her work has taken her through many areas of gardening with Floriculture being her real passion. Today she enjoys working at Townside Gardens in Roanoke, VA as well as speaking to groups and organizations about gardening. She also creates beautiful designs for weddings and other formal occasions. Becky says, “Nature is calming and peaceful. There are so many things you learn from nature that are beneficial for your psyche. Nature makes you realize that it is the simple things in life that mean the most.” Mother to three, grandmother to two, Becky takes real joy in knowing her love of nature has been passed down through the generations. You can contact Becky through email:

6 thoughts on “Love of Nature’s Bounty

  1. What a cute little boy holding those strawberries. Although, I’m a little biased! :) It was a joy to watch my children check the birdnest daily to see the progress. Since our robin eggs have hatched and the birds have left the nest we have added a bird feeder to the kids playset in the hopes of more bird nests in the future. If only the squirrels would stop eating the bird food!

    • It is so wonderful to know how much Ryleigh and Blake know and understand nature. Keep it important in their lives, as I know you will. And Blake’s smile… Melts you, doesn’t it?

    • He is the cutest ever!! His eyes are as big as his beautiful strawberries!!! I hope he grows great tomatoes,too. Keep the pictures coming of Blake and Ryleigh’s adventures with nature, they show what life is truly all about. The simple pleasures…

  2. I am learning that calming effect … gives me strength during heavy moments….I remember how much Al loved to work out doors….now it is my peace…..seeing and caring for things he started……he loved tomatoes so I planted them this year….they are doing great except for the deer….we have an on going war….hopefully I will win. I plan to have tomatoes. Thank you for your article and I love the pictures of the children. Love to you all. Susie

    • Al was all about his yard. I will never forget the joy putting in the bridge brought to him. The peace of the water rippling over the rocks and all the beautiful landscaping that Tim Springer did- just gave you a slice of heaven. Al was one special man and I hope he is looking down from the heavens and bringing abundant sunshine to your tomatoes!!! Love you tons!! Oh and maybe you will let me post a picture of the bridge in my post, “Quiet spaces for quieting the mind” coming soon!

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