Downsize Your Work Stress

Where there’s work, there’s stress.

Deadlines, meetings on top of meetings, difficult bosses, unpleasant co-workers, they all can put a little stress in your life.  Try incorporating these changes into your day to help remedy work stress.

  1. Don’t Bring the Ring – Designate a chunk of your day to interruption-free time.  Turn off the cell phone, mute the ringer on your landline and log out of email.  The silence will be sweet music to your ears.
  2. Go Out to Lunch – Instead of grabbing a snack from the vending machine and working through lunch, take a break.  Give your mind a rest and your body a chance to refuel.
  3. Manage Your Time – If you give up your free time to get work done, you might pay for it with stress-related symptoms such as an upset stomach, backache or headache.  Schedule your work time to get regular work done, plus handle any unplanned projects that might crop up.  Then be just as vigilant toward planning in free time.
  4. Get Physical – Exercise can alleviate stress and it doesn’t have to be strenuous.  Think you don’t have time to exercise?  Yoga at your desk can make a difference.  Light yoga exercise and meditation can do the job.  It will help to relax the mind and energize the body.
  5. Talk it Out – Find a friend to laugh, cry and complain with but preferably not a co-worker.  It’s hard to carry the burden of your feelings all by yourself.  You will feel lighter by unloading some of your concerns with others you trust.
  6. Learn to Say “No” – Most of us want to be the nice guy but sometimes enough is enough.  If you don’t have time to do something, speak up.  Don’t commit because you feel you have to help others.  Learn to say “no”.  Listen to your feelings.  If it feels like a burden to you, it probably is.  Tell yourself, it will take time to do this, but you can do it.

Try these tips for yourself.  Not only will you reduce stress at work, but also you will be calmer, happier and more energized to enjoy the time in your home after a long day at work.

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8 thoughts on “Downsize Your Work Stress

  1. These are all great tips, but #1 especially speaks to me! We have become a society of instant everything, including communication. At times it is wonderful, however, at work it can mean instant and constant interruptions leading to instant and constant stress! Sometimes we need to minimize our stimuli in order to truly focus, be efficient, and do our best work.
    Thanks for sharing these suggestions!

    • Lindsay, I know Guru Ranjit will reply to your comment but I just had to put my thoughts into this as well! You are so right about instant everything. I worry for the youth of today as they are glued to their phones for calling, texting, sending photos, etc. at every waking moment. In my view it becomes a habit. I hope this article and what you have said reaches lots of people so that they think about cutting off their phones as well. As for at home, I am constantly amazed at how families allow the phone to interrupt family time during meals, conversations, relaxing together. Perhaps it is time to pause, and get back on track. Create quiet time by cutting off the phones!

  2. I am retired – but the home is a daily work place of life and this week was hectic. Major faucet leak, freezer drawer not closed all the way (you must know what a job that is to clean up) and a tile in the kitchen floor broken.
    Felt like everything was going at once. Our faucet leak affected two floors. I am thankful I was home.
    After cleanups a cup of tea on the back deck communing with nature brought the harmony back again.
    Joy Stark

    • Hi Joy,
      So sorry for your crazy week. We all have times like this and I am glad today’s post came at a perfect time for you. Nothing like a bit of nature to put your back in touch with yourself. And, when in nature you sure don’t want to spoil it with the phone. Enjoy the day!

  3. When I get stress out about something, I talk it over with my husband Jimmy. He will ask me if I can change whatever is bothering. If the answer is no, then I try and let it go and put my energy into something positive. If the answer is yes I can change the problem. Then I think of ideas to fix what is stressing me out. I also try and exercise everyday.

    • you need to connect to your inner self and find the solution which will be real and healing.
      meditation is the way to connect to the self

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