Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Crystals

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Crystals

Product:  Fresh Wave

Purpose:  Fresh Wave is an all-natural product that destroys odors.

Ingredients:  Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed, Clove and Cedarwood

Where To Buy It:  Whole Foods and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  For other locations go to the company website:

The Back Story

I live in the village of Westmont, IL outside of Chicago.  David and I moved here a little over two years ago from God’s country- you know, the south!  I had dreaded moving to Chicago for every reason I could rant about.  A Southern Gal through and through, I couldn’t imagine moving to the mid-west.  Cold? Are you kidding?  Big City?  Been there , done that before so no thank you!  Miles away from my kids?  Inconceivable!  I wouldn’t be able to keep my “hovering helicopter” on idle so far away prepared to swoop in whenever I felt I was needed.  (Notice I said “I” and not “They” since I figure I always know what my kids need!)

Wonder of wonders, I love it.  Westmont is like a blast from the past.  It feels like “Mayberry R.F.D” mid-western style.  Friendly, caring and down to earth.  Then there are the festivals everywhere, restaurants aplenty and the city of Chicago just 30 minutes away.  Oh, did I mention the snow?  Lake Michigan?  The abundant nature preserves?  Snowshoeing?

I love it all!


No one told me about one of Chicagoland’s cutest little pests!


Photo credit: Don DeBold

Soon after we moved in we began having nightly viewings of a cute skunk.  He would walk along our back fence on the way to his den (next door I am sure) after prowling the neighborhood.  I enjoyed watching him (or her) every night never imaging I would ever have a close encounter.  Yep, sure enough within a few months I did.  Ugh!

I had let Moe (our dog) out for the last time one night and forgot to put the porchlights on. Suddenly, I heard both a hissing noise and Moe barking furiously.  Before I could think, Moe charged into the house.  Good golly Miss Molly, you cannot imagine the smell that followed her in!

Seriously, if you have ever smelled skunk spray you know what I am talking about.  Words cannot describe the odor.  And speaking of odor, it lingers and lingers and lingers – everywhere.  Two months later, my kids were visiting for Thanksgiving and they could smell it – when they opened a cabinet or a closet and even on Moe when she got wet on a walk in a preserve.  Just ask Brent, my daughter Sammi’s husband.  He still talks about the ghastly smell!

Nothing I used got the odor out.  Period.  It took months for the smell to leave on its own.

Pepe’ Le Pew Strikes Again

So, a year goes by.  We were still enjoying watching Pepe’ on his nightly walks back to his den having excused his bad behavior for spraying Moe.  He was “cute little Pepe’” again.  Then, one night we came home late and I let Moe out. Big mistake!

Evidently Pepe’ was having a late night snack in our yard and Moe startled him.

Sprayed again!

The next day I was telling the manager of the dry cleaners about it.  She mentioned a product I should buy as she had heard it was the best odor eliminator for skunk smell.  Well, I left the cleaners and headed straight for Whole Foods.  I bought several containers of crystal gels and the Multi-purpose Additive. I put Moe in the shower and doused the area of her neck that she had been sprayed on with the additive and let it really soak in.  Guess what?  It worked!  The containers of the crystal gels I distributed around the house~ anywhere I knew the odor had permeated.

Now I use Fresh Wave for everything.  I use the small packets of the crystals in the car and in sports bags.  (I wish this had been around when my son, Jimmy played hockey- boy did his bag smell!)  There are candles, sprays and even carpet powders.  You name it Fresh Wave has a product for the odor.  And, the added bonus is that it is all-natural.

Try it and let me know what you think!  And remember, how your home smells is the first impression of your homespace that greets you as you enter the door.   Heed my advice and use Fresh Wave in your home.

Moe thinks you should!!!


Photo credit: David Solganik

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  1. Jamie: This is so good. A couple weeks ago I had lunch with my brother Ray. Skunks are the new guys in our area where before there were none. He has a shop kitty and she always runs in first thing and jumps into his lap for her loves – you guessed it. During the previous night she was protecting her kittens from a skunk and got sprayed – came in first thing and jumped in his lap. Yike. She is now called Skunk Kitty.
    I e-mailed him immediately about Fresh Wave. Thanks!!
    Joy Stark

    • Joy, skunks seem to be flourishing in the burbs! I thought the pest problem in Chicagoland was only roving coyotes. Guess I learned the hard way. Tell him to give Fresh Wave a try. It really absorbs the odor well. Keep reading!

  2. Hi, Jamie! I am so happy the Fresh Wave worked for you! I first heard about it on the Lou Manfredini Radio Show on WGN radio Saturday mornings from 6 to 9. He is called Mr, Fix It! He is a great guy. He expounded so much about Fresh Wave that I just had to go get it. It is worth the cost just in case someone is turned away by price. Anyway, I hope there are no more sprays!

    Just as an aside, I washed a down comforter for my sister last Sunday and remembered on Thursday that I had not taken it out of the washer — and you guessed it –smelly!!! So I got my liquid Fresh Wave, put some in the bleach dispenser, soap dispenser and the fabric softener dispenser and YES the smell was gone! Saved me!!

    Nice talking to you today. God Bless!

    RoseMarie Radek
    Manager at Breen’s Cleaners, Westmont.

    • Thanks RoseMarie. As I told you today I never rave about many products. Fresh Wave is incredible. Yes, it is a little pricey but, as the saying goes- “You get what you pay for”. Here’s to hoping Moe has no more close encounters of the worst kind with Pepe’ Le Pew but, you can bet I’ll be ready! Oh, and I also use the liquid additive in the washer whenever I need extra help on smelly things!

  3. Jamie, I enjoyed reading your recommendation of Fresh Wave. I’m planning to buy it for it’s natural ingredients and to use for laundry and any future Pepe sprayings. Thank-you for sharing! I’ll lety you know how it worked for me. Irene

  4. Jamie,

    Night before last our cat, Moses got skunked. I was having the family for lunch the next day and remembered your post on Fresh Wave. It seems to be doing the trick. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


    • Patsy, I am so thrilled that you tried Fresh Wave. Please know that I have no ties to the product other than I think it is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Seriously, my intention with the messages on this post is to offer to others ways to create harmony and balance in their lives through the use of their homespace. While doing this, I feel it important to pass on products that I find also have this goal in mind. Fresh Wave is all-natural and all-authentic. What could be better?!? I hope you keep reading and please comment whenever. It helps other readers to hear varying stories from the heart as well!

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