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As I have expressed time and again through my work as a homespace coach, how you live in your homespace must reflect who you are.  Without your physical space in which you dwell aligning with your most inner space (your soul) you forever are out of sync.  You may not know it but, on a subconscious level things just aren’t cohesive.

When I moved to the Chicago area a little over two years ago I left more than my dear family and friends behind.  I left all my business and professional contacts as well.  I had to start over and get into the groove of finding new doctors, new industry colleagues and yes, a new business coach.

I found Patti Baron Schreiber of The Spirited Path.

Now, some of you might say, “A business coach at this stage of your life and career?”


The Spirited Path

As with anyone I choose to work with, Patti fit the criteria of being what I call a “conscious” professional.  By that I mean that she has integrated into her work the most important aspect of life~ the spirit.

Working with Patti proved to be beneficial for me for several reasons.

First, she helped me to get back on course with my career path in my new digs- Chicago.  I don’t care what anyone else says, the mid-west is far different than the south from which I hail.  Patti has helped me venture out so to speak in this new culture.

Second, Patti has helped me to continue my journey of truth of whom I am, what I want to do and how I want to live.  Without the crucial connection of my spiritual self in the equation, I would have been missing the real continuation of my journey.  In other words, while working with Patti I have not had to leave the spiritual side of me on the sidelines.

Bridge over stream

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Third, and most importantly, Patti has the unique gift of helping her clients heal wounds they have in their personal lives.  And, I have certainly had my share.  Patti has helped me along this process of healing in ways I am grateful for.

Finally, in both working with Patti and also getting to know her, I have opened a window of opportunity for my blog.  What a wonderful added and surprise benefit of working with her.  Patti has agreed to be a guest author on my blog and give to you readers some of what I have learned myself!

Unconscious to conscious

As a way for readers to get to know Patti, I recently sat down with her in an interview.  Here’s our Q&A.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her and become interested in her future posts.

How did you become a life coach?

“This field actually chose me.  As a result of my own painful journey over ten years ago, I went from unconscious to conscious in a matter of seconds.  It was as if the universe picked me up from one path (the mainstream business world) and plopped me on another (personal and business coaching with an emphasis on aligning yourself with your spirit).”

What have you learned on this new path?

“Once you get past the place of nakedness you can begin the work of embracing who you are.  In other words, once you begin to embrace pain, you can begin to return to your true spirit.“

How do you help your clients?

“There are many ways I help move clients on their own journey of both personal and career growth.  For example, I help my clients understand and confront the multitude of distractions they find to veer away from their true spirit.  Over half of my clients have forgotten “how to play”.  So, I bring “playfulness” back into their lives so that they can get back to the basics of who they are.  Mostly, I help my clients create what I call their “spiritual toolbox” to use on their own as I believe they don’t need to be perpetual students of my coaching (or any other for that matter) but instead, take ownership of their path.  These tools in their toolbox will give them the ability to maintain a life of joy and peace on their own.“

How does your coaching integrate home?

“What I do is help people become aligned with their spirit.  Home starts in the heart and so in healing the heart, they can understand how to connect and be nurtured in their structural home.  The structural home thereby becomes the sanctuary for their soul if you will.”

What best sums up your vantage point of life?

“I read this quote recently in the Chicago Tribune, ‘When your greatest fear comes to pass and you survive, you discover who you really are’ (Mary Schmich,”

What topics will you address on this blog?

“There are several that I plan to write about.  One is about how home is the space in which we can do the personal growth work in order to thrive.  Said another way, a calm place to give you the courage to strive to thrive.  We all deserve to thrive!  Another post will be about how to shift energy in your home in order to create a peaceful sanctuary for your soul.“  

Any final thoughts?

“All of us have the ability to create a life we love.  Go out there and do it!“

Look for Patti’s upcoming posts this fall.  Until then, check out her website ( and also her Webinar Series that you can find information for on her site.  There is a lot you can learn from her!

Happy thriving…

Thriving flower

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

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