Tree changing colors in autumn

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

My David and I were taking an early morning walk in nature this morning.  The moon was spectacular and the breeze gave a slight chill to the air.  Awwwww, the hint of autumn!

I couldn’t help but be excited.  With my senses alive to this feeling of fall I said to myself, fall is the best season of all.  Then I laughed  because I say this at the beginning of each new season.  The truth is that I love each of the four seasons.  Each one carries with it special meaning, fond memories and a renewed sense of anticipation for things to come.

The first day of fall just happens to be tomorrow.  Let us all welcome the beauty that this season brings us by allowing it to restore our souls.

We can do this in many, many ways.  At the same time, we can bring autumnal feelings into our homes.

Letting nature restore you

I believe that nature has the ability to restore each of us time and again, season after season.  In my post, These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things I quote one of my favorite Psalms from Ecclesiastes, “To everything there is a season.”

Autumn is the time to restore ourselves with feelings of warmth and comfort.  Autumn’s purpose is to ready us for the coming winter.  It gives us the chance to focus inward and prepare for the coming changes winter is sure to bring.

Beautiful tree in autumn

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

With autumn comes a myriad of opportunities to embrace the season.  For many people autumn is all about football.  Others explore the wondrous beauty of the changing leaves by hiking and biking in nature preserves and greenways.  Regardless of the activity, fall is a perfect time to be outdoors.

I have learned the medicinal properties of nature personally.  I call nature the best tonic on the market.  And, it’s free!

When David and I moved to the Chicago area a little over two years ago I found a lot of free time on my hands.  Plus, I didn’t know a soul so I had days to myself to explore.  Who would have guessed that moving to the city would produce so much nature for me to immerse myself in?  I began to walk, hike, bike and even snowshoe (now my favorite hobby for sure) by myself.  Slowly but surely I began to notice a change in my attitude.  (OK, David did first but so what!)  I began to let things go, calm down and relax.  What an amazing transformation!

I even noticed that my music choices I made on my IPod while walking and hiking changed.  For a while I listened daily to all my faves- from the 1950’s to today.  Before long I realized I was only listening to soothing selections that you would normally hear while getting a massage.  Now, more often than not I don’t take my IPod on my walks at all.  The only music I want to hear comes from what nature provides- birds chirping, frogs croaking and the ducks quacking to each other on the water creates an awesome symphony.  Walking in silence brings the music of nature to an incredible volume!

Brilliant red tree in autumn

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

To say that getting back to nature restored me just doesn’t do justice to the truth of it.  Getting back to nature has done so much more.  I am walking, talking proof of its tonic!

So, I challenge you to find ways to give yourself daily doses of the outdoors.  It could be as simple as eating lunch outside while at work, walking your dog, doing your exercising outside (instead of the treadmill) sitting on the porch or taking off to the woods.  A small dose of nature’s elixir will go a long way!

Nature has mental, physical and spiritual benefits just waiting for you!  Give yourself a chance to reap from it all!

Bring the glory of Autumn inside

I have espoused time and again in recent posts such as Two Colors Every Homespace Needs the importance of bringing nature inside.  As I have said before, we humans have distanced ourselves from nature and have created a false reality.  Our homes and offices are full of gadgets and gizmos that have nothing to do with nature.  What a travesty to ourselves!

Loving color

Photo Credit: Susan Muehl

By bringing nature inside we allow ourselves to stay connected to it.  It is that simple.  And, it is simple to do.  My “fall line-up” of posts will give you lots of ways to achieve this.  Look for Becky Balzer’s post on the best indoor plants for the home environment.  Chef Ryan will treat us to his idea of a great tailgating party.  Hector Benetiz will offer you suggestions on outdoor exercises to coincide with the season.  I will be sharing many different ways to infuse nature in your homespace through decorating.  And, that’s just the beginning.  Stay with us and enjoy the season of autumn!

Think color…

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  1. Just so inspiring, Jamie. I really know and feel what you’ve expressed here…I too love the sounds and smells of nature….lately , I am fascinated with chestnuts as we have several old chestnut trees in our neighborhood.

    • Thank you so much Mary! Nothing makes me happier than immersing myself in nature. Obviously, you love it, too! As for the Chestnut tree, fallen chestnuts would look wonderful in a fabulous wooden bowl on your coffee table. Just one way to bring what you love indoors! Thank you so much for enjoying the Blog. It means so much!

  2. I loved this posting, Jamie! As you know, I, too, love and connect with nature. My problem isn’t finding ways to have daily doses of the outdoors, rather it’s forcing myself to spend time inside! (Somewhat kidding!) But seriously, we ARE connected to nature, and bringing it indoors through various means of decorating is so important. I look forward to the future postings with your “fall line up”. I think fall may be my favorite season ~ until winter comes along!! Like you, I absolutely need 4 seasons! But I do love everything about fall ~ the air, the colors. . .!!

    • Sue, I know fully what you mean about forcing yourself to be indoors once you have discovered and actually, the better word here is ” rediscovered” nature and the outdoors. It beckons to you in a way that nothing else can compete with. We humans spend so much time looking for ways to relax and wonder of wonders- all we need do is go outside. One of my many nieces, Cathy emailed me yesterday that after reading the post she spent a couple of hours outside with her little guy, Tanner! I bet he took a better afternoon nap! I am excited about the upcoming posts as well as I think it will give readers more desire to breathe in what nature has to offer and then, yearn to bring it inside!

  3. Hi…..I whole heartedly agree – nature is wonderful. I love watching water in any form moving and my favorite things are moss covered rocks and standing under a tree and looking up through the leaves. Speaking of leaves they are now turning glorious autumn colors and I love collecting and pressing them to decorate with.
    Joy Stark

    • Joy, the leaves here in the Chicago area are really changing as well. What a beautiful time of year. Funny that you mention pressing leaves- you will read about my love of doing this in an upcoming post. Keep reading…

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