Everything Begins in the Home

Everything does begin in the home.

What you experience as a child makes you much of what you become.  Whether it is the moral code you are taught in your home, the core beliefs that become ingrained in your subconscious, the attitudes you develop, the family habits and traditions you learn or the décor style you are exposed to – what you learn from all this affects you forever more.

Our homes mold us.

Our homes shape us.

Our homes define who we are.

That is why the homespace is so crucial.  It is that simple.  And yet, it is that complex.  Every subtle nuance that goes on in your home of origin weaves history through your psyche.

Do not take the art of living in your homespace for granted.  Make it fit you.  Make it fit that which your family is and what they will become in the future.

A little bit of psychology, a dose of design, a lot of common sense and an abundance of spirituality goes into the making of a homespace that truly honors you, your family, and the earth.

“Living in Perfect Harmony” blends knowledge and information from each of these disciplines to teach you how to live in peace and harmony.   Learn to live as nature intended us to – at one with each other.

Oh, and don’t forget humor.  Life is too serious to be taken too seriously!

One thought…

Everything begins in the home.

Start your bliss!

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

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Jamie Balzer

About Jamie Balzer

Jamie has worked in the field of interior decorating for over 10 years and has owned B&A Interiors, LLC for almost as long. Partnered with her daughter, Sammi Blake, Jamie has been honored to work in homes and businesses across the country. Knowledge and experience is but part of what she has to offer. As a young girl, Jamie intuitively understood that the placement of things, the color of things, and the arrangement of things evoke certain feelings. Working together with this knowledge, experience and intuition Jamie has answered the call to her life’s purpose- teaching the spiritual truth of what she believes- “Everything begins in the home”. As a branch of B&A Interiors, LLC, Living In Perfect Harmony emerged to teach her philosophy. Jamie believes, “if you live peacefully and beautifully at home, you are well, your family is well and that helps to make the world a better place”. Jamie's most passionate role is as a mother and grandmother. Jamie currently lives and works in the Chicago area but also continues her business in Charlotte, NC as both a decorator and a homespace coach. She is certified in Reiki Therapy which she believes broadens her success as a homespace coach. Jamie is available for private consultations, lectures and seminars.

2 thoughts on “Everything Begins in the Home

  1. I simply cannot say enough amazing things about Jamie and her many talents. I had been friends with Jamie for years. So, when we bought our new home (10 years ago), I knew I wanted Jamie’s input on many things from interior design to color to placement of furnishings within our home. You think you might tire of something after a few years. I can honestly say, I don’t have that problem. Jamie listened to what we loved and we wanted and incorporated all of that into our home. She LOVES “old” things and finds was to uniquely use items that have sentimental value. What I cherish most about this whole process is the friendship that we developed along the way!

    • Pam, thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. You, Jeff, your family and your Homespace embody the true meaning of “living in perfect harmony”. And, I still remember the first day I met you!!!

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