Clutter In Your Space Clutters Your Mind

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As an Interior Decorator, I have been privy to many homes and offices.  I love what I do for many reasons.  An obvious reason is that I love to create beauty. I often say I have the best job in the world as I am always creating what I call new dollhouses.  But, another reason is that I love anything to do with psychology and absolutely, positively, undeniably I believe that a person’s most private space is a window to their psyche.  So, working in a client’s most private space gives me a glimpse into who they are.  It is utterly fascinating.

What I have discovered through the years is that often the homes I have worked in mirror my life and what I am experiencing at that given time.  In other words, they seem to become an outward manifestation of my inner self.  I know this might sound strange to some of you reading this but, I believe it to be true.  I believe that everything on the physical/material plane is a manifestation of the inner workings of our lives and becomes symbolic of what is going on both on a spiritual and emotional level.


Living in clutter

No wonder for a few years I seemed to be drawn to homes that personified the word “cluttered”.  My life at the time was one great BIG cluttered mess due to some ridiculous “trauma-drama”.  Seriously.

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A few homes I began to work in had to go through months of third party “decluttering” before we could even begin the project I designed.  It was as if these homes outwardly got decluttered while I set about inwardly decluttering my own life.  I call this a direct mirror I went looking for to reflect my inner self and the struggles I was dealing with at the time.

I am happy to report that the work I did on my “inner” home was successful.   It has taken way too much Blood, Sweat and Tears but hallelujah, I am clutter free!  (Rediscovering Nature was my tonic as I write in my post, Let Nature Restoreth Your Soul (And Your Home).)

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the homes I worked in.  Once my projects were completed, the owners went back to their old habits and the clutter returned.  I believe the reason is simple – clutter can be an indication of underlying issues.  It’s that “mirror” thing again – your exterior space mirrors your inner space.

Clutter in your space really does clutter your mind.  Or more importantly,  clutter in your mind clutters your space.

Where there is clutter, there is work to be done for sure – both figuratively and literally.

Reasons for clutter

I think the reasons why people have clutter in their homes are usually for one of the following:

  • Lack of proper storage space
  • Life changes such as a move, a new baby or anything that throws life out of whack
  • Poor time/life management skills
  • Psychological issues such as depression, family dysfunction, low self-esteem, poor personal boundaries and even attention deficit disorder

I call the first three of these reasons “temporary clutter”.  In other words, all three are easy to fix with a little effort and determination.  Still, clutter from any of these sources is clutter and it can be unsettling to your mind.  My recommendation to you if your homespace is cluttered for any of these reasons is to find simple solutions for them.  Your stress will decrease and your feel good vibes will increase!  I guarantee it.

Now, the fourth reason – that’s a tough one.  It takes a lot of work to rid your homespace of clutter if there are psychological components to it.  Mind you, I am not talking about the extreme of hoarding here.  That’s a whole other ball of wax.  I am talking about routine clutter that detracts and distracts from your sanctuary – the place you call HOME.

Here is a list of some of the spaces in your home where clutter accumulates and what the clutter there might symbolize:

Kitchen – Difficulty with emotional nourishment for yourself or others

Main Living Space – Feelings of isolation

Hallways – Obstacles in your life

Bedroom – Distancing from partner and/or intimacy with others

Bathroom – Low self-esteem

Closets – Hidden Issues

Basement – Ignored Issues

Garage – Confused about direction in your life

Exterior and yard – Low self-worth and a sense of giving up

Anyone find the symbolism of clutter in these spaces thought provoking?  I certainly do.  I think every homespace is worthy of reflecting the best of those that dwell within it.  And,  this means that if  spaces within your home suffer from clutter, look inside (both your inner self and your home) and get to work.  Honor yourself.  You are worth it.  Those that live with you are worth it.  Your homespace is worth it.


Your home is your sanctuary

Absolute calm

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Yep, your home is your sanctuary.

It is where you deserve to have peace and comfort away from the outside world.  It is meant to be your safe haven and should calm your mind.

Clutter in your space clutters your mind.  Clutter in your mind clutters your space.

Free every space that is part of you and your HOME from the mess that clutter creates.

HOME is also where the heart is.  Fill your heart with love and your home(s) will reflect it – both your inner home and the one you use for shelter from the outside world.  Now, that’s another thing I can guarantee!

To loving life…

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9 thoughts on “Clutter In Your Space Clutters Your Mind

  1. This was great…I am back…..keep me in your thoughts tonight……I hope things go well on my date.

  2. Aunt Jamie, I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog. I appreciate your understanding my not having commented thus far (due to the new little man in my life). He is napping so have a moment…albeit a short moment because I’m off to de-clutter after reading this post!
    This concept really speaks to me. In fact I had to chuckle because I can remember in high school when my mom used to fuss about my messy room…..I would tell her that my room was a reflection of the state of my life. When things were choatic and over-booked my room was a complete disaster. This,unfortunately has translated into my adult life. In the past year we have moved, completed a kitchen renovation, had live-in house guests ; ) had a baby and much much more. I am so very ready to re-claim our sanctuary. How fitting that we have the heart of the home complete (the kitchen) and now we can focus our energies eleswhere. Thanks for the inspiration! And just like that….Henry is awake again…so much for the cleaning.
    PS spell check would really encourage me to comment more often you know…..

    • Marli, I am so, so glad you have enjoyed my blog! I do have to admit that I have been patiently waiting for a comment from you… But, that precious little Henry is one BIG excuse for anything in your life right now. Interesting that this article speaks so well to you when I was just at your new home last week in Richmond. This new house of yours (and Wally’s) is just like your last one – full of comfort and warm fuzzies. It is definitely a space that has become HOME and it shows! The minute I entered it (just like your first home) I felt drawn in. And just so you know- the clutter escaped my roving eye! But, you echo a crucial point about clutter recalling your room growing up. Clutter does have a reason for why it is there. All of us have “temporary clutter”. It is those of us that live in continuous clutter that might need to examine things. Clutter detracts from your sanctuary no differently that a huge stain on a tie or a hole in your blouse. It is just that simple. Love you tons and keep reading… Oh – and that Wally- now that is a man that has a good eye for decorating!!!

  3. Hi Jamie – I really try to keep the clutter under control.
    I find my clutter is due to laziness mostly. And papers are the most problematic.
    Keeping one step ahead. You had great comments.
    Joy Stark

    • As always Joy, it is wonderful to hear from you. Honestly, I think for most people clutter is from laziness. But, goodness gracious does a clutter free zone feel wonderful. I can testify to that as I am currently working on de-cluttering my desk which happens to be and has always been cluttered! Keep reading…

  4. OMG, I am just now catching up on my reading your post. It is so weird that you wrote this, because I have 2 daughters that have moved out recently. They took there bedroom furniture and are cleaning out all their storage areas in the bedrooms. Plus I have all our mother’s things from her house in the garage. I feel very unsettled, I can’t wait to get things in order, reorganized the garage, so that even if the stuff is in their it is clean and organized. Get new furniture for bedrooms, ( I love having guest). I think it is important to have a time frame for getting things organized. My goal is to have everything back to normal by Thanksgiving.

    • M.A., funny how certain posts are so timely for different readers. This one obviously speaks volumes to you. I am sorry to say that I also know you have a few of my things from Mom’s house stored in your garage as well so guilty as charged for adding to your clutter. As the family go-to person, you do it all. I agree with you that giving yourself a realistic plan and timeline really keeps you focused on decluttering. Our sister, Bee has texted me several times recently about her own task of cleaning, clearing and decluttering. For some crazy reason she keeps finding not only my old school papers but, our dear friend, Gary Lumsden’s Latin homework from high school as well. My friend, Jolie and I talked the other day. She said this post compelled her to declutter the cabinet under her kitchen sink. It encouraged her so much that she then started on her files at her office. She reported to me that Shred-it came and took 7 boxes of UNNEEDED files away. Amazing! Bottom line: We all need to tackle some form of clutter in our lives. Do it and reap the rewards of how it makes you feel. Just be kind to the earth in how you do the decluttering- both figuratively and literally! It is all about “conscious living”.

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