Fallen leaves

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By now if you have been reading many of my posts on this Blog, you know that I place tremendous emphasis on nature.  Almost without exception, each of my posts speaks to not just the beauty of nature but also, the absolute necessity to connect with it.  Time after time I remind anyone that will listen (or read) that as part of humanity we must both singly and collectively connect with nature.

As an Interior Decorator and a Homespace Coach, my goal is to bring nature inside and bring interior spaces alive with all that it has to offer season after season.  In one of my summer posts, Celebrate Summer And Bring It Inside, I gave my “Helpful Hannah” tips on how to do this.  The season of fall offers just as many wonderful ways to bring nature inside.

Bring elements of nature specific to the season inside

Wonders of fall

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

I love all things found in nature.  I would much rather grace my homespace with “found things” than anything I can purchase in a store.  Just recently I put away my collections of seashells and starfish to make the transition for my fall décor.

What I enjoy so much is not just the fun of decorating but, the fun I get out of immersing myself in nature in order to collect fall’s treasures.  Being outdoors in any capacity feeds my soul and getting to bring into my homespace what I find in nature is what I call more toppings on the ice cream sundae of life!

Here are a few of the “found things” that  I have used to add natural beauty to my home:

Sarah,  Ellie and Whitt Shrader

Sarah, Ellie and Whitt Shrader

  • Pinecones (placed in fun baskets)
  • Varying colorful leaves (placed on table tops after being pressed)
  • Dried grasses (used in floral arrangements)
  • Acorns and other nuts (placed in a glass bowl for display)
  • Fallen tree bark (hot glued onto candles)

Of course, the obvious things like pumpkins and gourds are also part of my fall décor.  But, instead of purchasing them from the store I have gone right to the source and enjoyed the fall excursion.  Why not do this for yourself or as a family event?  There is nothing like a trip to the pumpkin patch for memory making.  Year after year I enjoyed this with my children.  Hay rides, apple cider and pumpkins make for a wonderful day!

Make autumn come alive

Exploring autumn

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

As with every one of the seasons, the sky is the limit to how you can bring nature inside.  One of my favorite long lasting ways to do this (that can be enjoyed year after year) is to take an annual photograph of you and your family specific to the season outdoors in nature.  Then, every year you can bring the past season’s photo out to enjoy and thereby create a family tradition called “The seasons of life”.  What fun to watch the yearly changes in these family photographs each changing season.  What better way to make autumn come alive year after year?

Get out there and explore.  Hike, bike or simply stroll through the wondrous beauty our earth has to share with us this fall.  Then bring it inside!

Enjoy the color…

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  1. My favorite thing I brought into my home for fall last year was a “cinderella pumpkin”. I had never heard of that type of pumpkin, but they are beautiful. They are wider and flatter than regular pumpkins. The one I got had to weigh 20+ pounds. I placed it in the middle of my kitchen island and kept it there until it was time to decorate for Christmas. Hopefully I will be able to find another one this year!

    • I remember your cinderella pumpkin for several reasons. One, I had never heard of one nor seen one in person. Secondly, it looked like the coach that Cinderella arrived in to the ball! I hope you find another one this year as it was a gorgeous decoration for your kitchen island through the entire fall up until you decorated for the Christmas holidays. Send a picture if you find another one!

  2. I will have to get a cinderalla pumpkin….I love them just did not know that is what they are called. The outside is so beautiful here….I could stay outside all day. Thanks for this wonderful blog….the sun on your face in the fall still brings color…..Susie

    • Susie, we all love the sunshine of summertime but, I really revel in the warm sun of autumn. It just seems to have a different type of brilliance. I walked my daily walk in nature this morning taking in all the vivid colors the leaves are turning already here in Chicagoland. What absolute beauty! I found myself turning my face upward just to feel the sun on my face- just like you mention. The outdoors has a way of getting under your skin if you only take the time to let it. If I were you I would stay outside all day if you can. I am at my desk in front of a large window viewing fall splendor with the windows open- the next best thing to being outside! As for the cinderella pumpkin, one will grace the center of my kitchen table soon! (See we can learn from our kids!) They have so much character!!! Seize the day and enjoy…

    • Hopefully I will find another one when we go pumpkin picking next weekend. The pumpkin farm we went to last year did not grow the cinderella pumpkins, but the owner had them shipped from a relatives farm in the North Carolina mountains. On another note…….I was on the Pottery Barn website today and guess what was all over the website for this Fall’s hot things……..well Jamie, all the things you mentioned we should be bringing into our homes from nature. There were faux fall leaves, branches with colorful leaves, acorns to fill vases, gourds, etc. They were all of course faux items. Besides you obviously being ahead of the trends, you know the importance of using real things straight from nature. I’m sure someone ordering these things from a catalog doesn’t get the wonderful, fufilling feeling of finding them for themselves in nature.

      • Wow, thanks so much Sammi. How interesting the timing of things. You are so right though- anyone can go to the store or click a button on the computer to purchase man-made items to decorate with. The real fun, the real creativity and the real joy comes from the walk outdoors to gather the items together. There is no breath of fresh air, no glorious beauty, no connection with the earth you can really feel from the computer or inside a store. Also, bringing the authentic ” found things” of nature in to your home connects you will the earth in ways you don’t consciously understand. Hope you find an awesome cinderella pumpkin…

  3. Jamie…..I call the nature findings gifts from God. autumn colored leaves, all flowers and greenery, nests, feathers, acorns, shells, rocks, moss. These items adorn my home and are tucked throughout.
    Oh yes, today I bought a pile of little pumpkins to sit on my table. This is fun.
    Joy Stark

    • Goodness Joy, I could not agree with your more on what finds in nature are. They are without a doubt wonderful gifts from God. No wonder I love immersing myself in nature. No wonder that I believe it is absolutely critical that we all as part of humanity connect both singly and collectively with nature. In doing so, we connect with God. We must seize all that nature has to hold…

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