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Seeing Red


In home décor there is no other color more evocative than the color Red.

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The Love Of A Roaring Fire

Fall splendor

Fire is considered to be one of the five basic elements of nature. What was once a necessity in our homes has now become an opportunity for relaxing.

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The Peripheral View Of Your Home

Bird's eye view

Using your peripheral vision as a means of assessing your home environment gives you an entirely different vantage point.

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Creating Homespace Beauty With Family Treasures

Glorious autumn

Anyone can follow a design plan for home décor by simply looking in current magazines. Though choosing to create beauty in your home this way makes it easy, you can achieve far more extraordinary beauty in your home decorating it with family treasures.

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Clutter In Your Space Clutters Your Mind

Mirror of life

Your home is your sanctuary. It acts as a buffer against the outside world. But, when it is filled with clutter it can drain you of positive energy and clutter your mind.

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The Power of Color

Tree bursting with color

Color has played a major role in our lives throughout the history of civilization. There are both psychological and symbolic meanings of color and it is fascinating how much power the use of color wields even today.

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A House Becomes A Home When…

Water bird

A space becomes a home when you make it come alive with what is uniquely you. A space becomes a home when it centers your existence. A space becomes a home when it is the heart of you and all those that dwell within it.

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Bird ready to fly

I was enjoying one of those Happy- Sappy moments in life the other day while walking a trail in a nearby nature preserve. I was thinking of my upcoming birthday and how wonderful life is. One of Julie Andrews’ songs from “The Sound of Music” began playing in my head. It made me start singing to myself what all my favorite things are. So, to celebrate my upcoming 55th birthday, I would like to share them with you.

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Quiet Spaces Quiet the Mind

Peaceful rock formation

Quiet spaces in the home offer respite from the outside world- space to relax, unwind and renew oneself.

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Our Homes Must Express Our True Essence

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

What does your homespace say about you? Does it accurately match your personality and lifestyle? Does it create for you a space of calm to ready you for the next day in the outside world?

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