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Ten Things To Remember About Your Home

Eaglets nesting

Living in perfect harmony with yourself and others begins in the home. Here are ten things to remember about your home and how you live in it in order to truly live your best.

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Wellness Begins In The Home


Most of us have joined the bandwagon of wellness. Ways to achieve it are all around us in the outside world through avenues such as massage, acupuncture, fitness programs and meditation training. But, the most important way to achieve wellness begins in the home.

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What’s In Your Attic?

Summer Time

What you keep stored in your attic says a lot about you. So, what’s in yours?

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Using Visual Cues In Home Décor


Visual cues work on both the conscious and the subconscious mind. One great way to create affirming, feel good vibes in your homespace is to use them in your décor.

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Using The Color Green In Home Decor

Path to peace

Green is the color of Nature, the color of peace and calm. Infusing this color in your home will connect you to nature in a way that no other color can.

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Finding HOME On The Yellow Brick Road

Field of red

There are life lessons around us in books, music and movies. By watching and listening we can choose to grow from them and enrich our HOMES.

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Spring: A Season For New Beginnings

Dogwood flowers

Today marks the beginning of spring. This new season symbolically heralds in a sense of newness and freshness that gives your home an opportunity for new beginnings.

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Construction Zone: Rehabbing My HOME

Eagles side by side

A rehab project is a hefty undertaking that requires time, energy and funds to complete the work. But the new look is worth it all!

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Honoring The Month Of Love In Your Home Décor

Red day lilies

The Home Decorating and Design Industry commercially highlights each holiday we celebrate. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

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Seeing Red


In home décor there is no other color more evocative than the color Red.

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