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The Love Of A Roaring Fire

Fall splendor

Fire is considered to be one of the five basic elements of nature. What was once a necessity in our homes has now become an opportunity for relaxing.

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Fabulous Outdoor Décor For Fall

Celebrating fall

Today is Halloween, the second largest U.S. holiday for decorating. Regardless of your desire to decorate for Halloween, be sure to celebrate fall by making your home welcome the season at your front door.

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How Music Can Influence Your Space

Spectacular waterfall

The music we choose to listen to has the ability to affect both our internal energy as well as the energy of the environment around us. Choose to honor your space with music that makes your heart sing.

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Color Your World

Photo credit: Sean Kalooky

The use of color evokes feeling and emotion in home design and décor. Color choices also determine the tone of your homespace. Reds and yellows, pinks and greens, purple, orange and blue. Colors from the rainbow, which ones speak to you?

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