• Craig Balzer – “Understands where dignity and design meet.”


  • Ainsworth-Noah – “Provides the best of the best in design and décor.”
  • Amy Howard – “Stunning.”
  • Andy Molatch – “A multi-talented Master Carpenter.”
  • Donald Kaufman – “His color palette is one with nature, absolutely beautiful beyond words.”
  • Donghia - “Such inspiration in their fabrics and wallpapers.”
  • Global Views – “Everything you could want to add extra punch to your decor.”
  • Soane Britain – “A beautiful collection of things for the home.”

Fine Arts

  • Jeff Cravotta – “ Spectacular.”
  • Kevin Hurley – “Speaks volumes through his work.”
  • Robert Langford – “Weaves passion and inspiration through his work and understands the energy of color.”


Healthy Living

  • Dr. Dan Siegal, Healthy Mind Platter – “A physician and yet a teacher of understanding the makings of the human mind.”
  • Fresh Wave – “The best ever all natural odor eliminator hands down!”
  • Gloria Karpinski – “Her books and messages are very thought provoking and life changing.”
  • Healthy Girl’s Kitchen – “This Blog is full of great tips and recipes as the author, Wendy Solganik journeys to better health.”
  • Ranjit Deora – “A master teacher.”




  • Cameron Triggs – “Cameron makes commercial and residential photography a true art form.”

Physical Fitness

Web/Blog Design

  • Sean Kalooky – “Understands his clients and thinks innovatively.”
  • Shawn Gentry – “Forward thinking work in his design.”

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