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Simple Ways To “Ground” Yourself In Your Home

Full moon over water

Our homes should give us the foundation to thrive in the outside world. Nature plays a pivotal role in giving us the foundation by “grounding” us.

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Using The Color Green In Home Decor

Path to peace

Green is the color of Nature, the color of peace and calm. Infusing this color in your home will connect you to nature in a way that no other color can.

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Spring: A Season For New Beginnings

Dogwood flowers

Today marks the beginning of spring. This new season symbolically heralds in a sense of newness and freshness that gives your home an opportunity for new beginnings.

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Simple Ways To Infuse Nature In Your Workspace

Life in the mountains

Many of us spend more time in our workspace than we do our homespace. By adding touches of nature to our space we can give ourselves a better environment in which to work.

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The Love Of A Roaring Fire

Fall splendor

Fire is considered to be one of the five basic elements of nature. What was once a necessity in our homes has now become an opportunity for relaxing.

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Fall color bursting

We all use the phrase, “a breath of fresh air” as an expression for many different things. This thing called “air” is too often undervalued and taken for granted. Fresh air is more than a way to describe a feeling. Fresh air makes all the difference for both our interior environments as well as our external ones. Begin to view it as a necessary part of good health for both you and your homespace.

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Top Twelve Best Indoor Plants For Purifying The Air

Fall apple harvest

Houseplants add beauty to our indoor spaces. But, they do much more than this for your home or office. Read this week’s guest author, Becky Balzer’s post and learn about the top twelve plants to aid your indoor environment’s air quality.

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