Positive Impact Statements In Your HOME

No doubt about it, your home makes a statement.  The colors you choose, the accessories and furnishings you choose and the way you arrange your things all say a lot about you to those that enter your home.  If you’re like me, you want people to love being in your home and at the same time love how it looks and how it feels.  And like I tell my clients, you want your home to be memorable.  For example, say you are hosting a party in your home.  When your guests leave and get in their cars you hope that instead of thinking about the conversations they heard or the food they were served or what everyone was wearing they remember all the wondrous things they were treated to in your home décor.  In other words, they leave your home with feel good vibes your homespace puts off.

There are some very simple touches to your home décor that can send out real powerful feel good vibes and at the same time honor your individuality.  I believe these vibes come from what I call “positive impact statements”.

Here’s a list of some ways to make positive impact statements in your homespace:

  • By displaying special collections
  • By using interesting artwork
  • By artfully displaying family photographs
  • By creating focal points in each room
  • By adding bits of the unexpected

Displaying special collections

Most of us collect things.  I love to collect vintage dinnerware.  I also collect Herend Porcelain Figurines.  Both are displayed in my homespace and yet, not overdone.  Instead, I strategically display my collections in specific areas of my space for the greatest impact.  The key to displaying collections is to remember my decorating mantra “less is more”.  Overkill ruins the beauty of collectibles for sure.

Using interesting artwork

Geometric Art in a nursery / Cameron Triggs Photography

Geometric Art in a nursery / Cameron Triggs Photography

The choices of artwork that you use in your homespace are a huge impact statement.  Interesting artwork makes for positive vibes.  So, think through carefully what you choose to put on your walls.  Have fun mixing things up, too!  If you tend to be somewhat traditional, kick it up a notch with some contemporary artwork.  Or if you like modern furnishings, accent your decor with black and white artwork or even landscape pieces of art.  Whatever you choose, mix and match so that you keep it interesting.  I promise you – the look will be great!

Artfully displaying family photographs

The Carroll Family artfully displayed on a hallway wall

Artfully displayed family photos

This type of positive statement is my all-time favorite to use in home décor because I am all about family.  If you ask me, all else in life pales in comparison to the feel good vibes you can get from the family connection.  Find a great space in your home to create a “wall of family life”.  For more on this impact statement look for my upcoming post titled, “Artfully Celebrating Family Life In Home Décor”.

Creating focal points in each room

Nothing makes a positive impact statement more than creating an interesting focal point in the room.  Ways to do this include using an interesting piece of furniture as a statement, using bold pops of color in the room with pillows or other accessories or even using an interesting area rug as the focal point of the room.

Adding bits of the unexpected

Wall art becomes an extra place for creativity/ Cameron Triggs Photography

Wall art becomes an extra place for creativity / Cameron Triggs Photography

Every space can benefit from some fun and whimsy.  I have been known to “hide” bits of whimsy in client’s homes in ways that on first glance get overlooked.  But, boy-oh-boy is it fun to see the surprise on someone’s face when they happen upon the unexpected!  Other times the unexpected can be more obvious such as in this picture of a playroom.  In the room one wall was painted with characters from the book, Alice In Wonderland.  The characters double as a chalkboard, a corkboard and a metallic board as well.  What a great space for budding young artists to be able to create in!

“You”, your HOME’s most powerful impact statement

Finally, I want to say that your homespace is impacted the most by you.  Your attitudes, your feelings and your behaviors can flat out make or break the energy of your space.  Be cognizant of this and strive to thrive in your space by being positive and full of life.  Your space will begin to “feel” your positive energy and others will feel it, too.  When you get right down to it “you” are your “HOME” because it mirrors you.  So, if you want your home to be inviting to others make sure you are giving off positive vibes yourself.

Love your space and love your life…

View Your Home Through The Lens of A Camera

Picture yourself preparing for a photo session.  What do you do to prepare?  What details are important for you to cover for the shoot?  Hair?  Makeup?  Outfit?  Backdrop?  Attitude?

Smile for the camera!Asking these questions takes me back to the yearly professional photography sessions I had my children endure.  In particular, I remember one that all the cousins were in together.  My daughter, Sammi was about 8 months old at the time and was a constant thumb sucker.   The photographer walked up to her right before he clicked his camera for the first shot and popped her thumb out of her mouth.  Big Mistake.  She set off on a wailing session that outlasted the photo session.  When I look at that family picture even today, the tenseness in her brother, Ben’s face and all the cousins is clear.  Sammi having her thumb pulled out ruined the picture!  Not the best Kodak moment by a long shot!

As an Interior Decorator, I have had many photo sessions for my portfolio of client projects.  (Thanks to Cameron Triggs!)  Taking part in these sessions is truly eye opening.  It can take hours to prepare for a simple shot of a room.  Every detail needs to be perfect because the camera lens is unforgiving.  What looks OK to the naked eye can look cluttered and unkempt through the lens of a camera.

Flowers in kitchen

Photo credit: Kathleen Aliff

Which leads me to how others see our homespace.  We tend to live in our homes.  I mean really live in our homes.  Being in them from day to day we get used to ignoring certain aspects of our space such as clutter on shelves,  poorly arranged knickknacks and crooked pictures on the walls.  Not to mention obvious dust, cobwebs and throw pillows that have seen better days.  We get used to these minor little things and overlook them but, others that enter our space see things more objectively.  In other words, what we see in our homes is not the detail someone else sees just like the detail a camera picks up is so much more than we see.

My Helpful Hannah Tip

So here’s my Helpful Hannah Tip for achieving a more pleasing space.

View your homespace as if through the lens of a camera.

Seriously, literally go room-by-room, area-by-area and look at each part with your hands shaped like a camera lens. (Do this by making L shapes with the thumb and pointer of each hand and joining the thumbs to form a three-sided square shape.)  What you will pick up will be amazing.  You will begin to see every little detail.

Nursery shelves detailed

Photo credit: Cameron Triggs Photography

My dear friend (and realtor with Allen Tate Realty), Nancy Poe told me that whenever she meets with new clients to discuss preparing their home for sale, she urges them to go room-by-room and take pictures with their camera phones.  She tells them this really gives them an idea of what others will see when they come to look at their home as a potential purchase.

Over the years, I have helped Nancy stage, declutter and rearrange the interiors of many homes in preparation for being put on the market.  I have done simple things like take stickers off the backs of picture frames, remove dead leaves on plants, change shades on lamps, vacuum sofa cushions and remove personal items from bathroom sinks that no one else needs to see.  In other words, I have made the spaces picture worthy- without spending a dime on new things!

So, why is this important you might be asking?  Let me tell you why.  Your homespace is an outward reflection of you.  Just as you want to look your best when you go to work, school or a social function in order to give good impressions,  your home should look the best for the same reasons.  We are a direct reflection of how we live.  Treating your homespace with respect translates to respecting yourself as I express in a recent post, Treating Your Homespace With Respect.

What the camera picks up

While viewing your home through this “handmade” camera lens, look for problem areas such as:

Exquisite dining room

Photo credit: Cameron Triggs Photography

  • Clutter
  • Dirty windows
  • Smudges on mirrors
  • Dust on tops of doors, windows, and molding
  • Clutter
  • Pictures hung too high or too low on the walls
  • Crooked pictures on walls
  • Toilet bowl rings
  • Clutter
  • Messy electrical cords
  • Cobwebs
  • Dirty upholstery and rugs
  • Clutter
  • Plants in the wrong size containers
  • Dead plants
  • Improper wattage light bulbs
  • Clutter

By the way, did you notice I kept repeating the word clutter?

Absolutely, positively the number one thing that detracts from the beauty of your homespace besides an unpleasant smell is clutter.

Get rid of the clutter.  Period.

Make it pleasing to the eye

Lily's room

Photo credit: Sammi Blake

The saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words” applies to your homespace.  Make a picture of your space through your handmade lens and create detail befitting you.   Make your space pleasing to the eye room-by-room.  The thousand words you will hear from those that enter you home will be words like beautiful, warm, cozy, uplifting, inviting, enjoyable, charming, exquisite, refreshing and so on and on.  I can guarantee it!  And, you deserve to live in a space that best reflects you!


Enjoy the living of life…