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Truly Alive In My HOME

Male cardinal

Knowing who you are and openly sharing it with the world makes you feel truly alive in your HOME, as I have learned for myself.

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Simple Ways To “Ground” Yourself In Your Home

Full moon over water

Our homes should give us the foundation to thrive in the outside world. Nature plays a pivotal role in giving us the foundation by “grounding” us.

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Ten Things To Remember About Your Home

Eaglets nesting

Living in perfect harmony with yourself and others begins in the home. Here are ten things to remember about your home and how you live in it in order to truly live your best.

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Wellness Begins In The Home


Most of us have joined the bandwagon of wellness. Ways to achieve it are all around us in the outside world through avenues such as massage, acupuncture, fitness programs and meditation training. But, the most important way to achieve wellness begins in the home.

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Conscious Living

Water lily

Somewhere along the road of life I realized the deep, deep connection our homes we live in have to our being HOMES.  LIPH began as a way for me to write and speak to others about this connection of Home to our HOMES.  As a decorator I know first hand the beauty that we can [...]

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Design From An Architect’s View

Mountain View

I spent some time the other day with an Architect that I greatly admire. We quickly got into a philosophical discussion on Design. Interested to pick his brain to gain some knowledge of how he views Home Design (his design work is stellar by the way), I asked him an opening question and prepared myself to sit back and listen.

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Using Visual Cues In Home Décor


Visual cues work on both the conscious and the subconscious mind. One great way to create affirming, feel good vibes in your homespace is to use them in your décor.

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Using The Color Green In Home Decor

Path to peace

Green is the color of Nature, the color of peace and calm. Infusing this color in your home will connect you to nature in a way that no other color can.

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Artfully Celebrating Family Life In Your Home Décor

Winter's red

One of the most interesting and personal ways to decorate your homespace is with family photographs. And, when done correctly it becomes an art form to accent your décor.

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How To Best Display Children’s Artwork In Your Home

Little ducklings

Nothing makes your homespace more personal than to add touches of children’s artwork in your décor.

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