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Honoring The Month Of Love In Your Home Décor

Red day lilies

The Home Decorating and Design Industry commercially highlights each holiday we celebrate. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

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Seeing Red


In home décor there is no other color more evocative than the color Red.

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Simple And Natural Holiday Décor

Simple natural décor

It’s the holiday season once again which means it is time to decorate your home. This year add a natural element to your holiday décor.

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Decorating 101 – A Lesson For Lilly

Simplicity of white

Expressing yourself through your décor AND feeling the freedom to do so is absolutely, positively vital to your essence. Read how one little girl, Lilly McNally expressed hers while receiving a “New Do” for her bedroom.

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The Peripheral View Of Your Home

Bird's eye view

Using your peripheral vision as a means of assessing your home environment gives you an entirely different vantage point.

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Creating Homespace Beauty With Family Treasures

Glorious autumn

Anyone can follow a design plan for home décor by simply looking in current magazines. Though choosing to create beauty in your home this way makes it easy, you can achieve far more extraordinary beauty in your home decorating it with family treasures.

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Top Twelve Best Indoor Plants For Purifying The Air

Fall apple harvest

Houseplants add beauty to our indoor spaces. But, they do much more than this for your home or office. Read this week’s guest author, Becky Balzer’s post and learn about the top twelve plants to aid your indoor environment’s air quality.

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Bring The Glory Of Autumn Inside

Waterfall and fall foliage

The season of autumn typically brings us indoors as the weather begins to change. Autumn is full of spectacular beauty just waiting to behold. Enjoy it in every way you can. One way to do this is to bring it indoors.

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Two Colors Every Homespace Needs

Eagle in tree

Many of us have slowly but surely disconnected from nature. The insides of offices, homes and other types of buildings have become the new reality environment. As part of humanity we must both singly and collectively understand the need to reconnect with nature. Here’s one way to begin.

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How To Make A Terrarium

Purple flowers

A wonderful way to create a bit of nature in your home is to make a terrarium. Horticulturist, Becky Balzer gives you step by step instructions to make one for your home.

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