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An Asian Inspired Relaxation Garden

Rock cairns

This week’s guest post introduces readers to an Asian inspired relaxation garden. We hope it inspires you to create your own personal space to enjoy some down time.

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The Smell Test

Photo credit: Susan Muehl

Your nose knows. Remember this as you strive for beauty in your homespace.

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Our Bodies are the Homes to our Souls

Bald eagle in tree

The physical bodies we all live in are the most important homespace we have. It is in the looking within this “space” that empowers us to embrace what our souls yearn for us to remember: Our bodies are our temples, we need to treat them with respect.

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Creating Balance Through Exercise

Ocean Surf

Exercise and fitness are important parts of living a life of balance and harmony. Exercise creates endless benefits for the mind, the body and the spirit. Meet Hector Benitez, an expert in the field.

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